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Oh I feel for you on the memory part - change always has that mix bags of emotions doest it? You've made some awesome memories there - and I suppose that being close to the kitchen was sometimes a good thing (and sometimes not lol). But WOW on the new space…I've watched your progress and it's amazing seeing it come to life! I'm sure it will take a little bit of time to get your vibe going there (like maybe an hour or two…) - and I'm sure you'll be arranging things on a weekly basis for a month or so til you have just right. But hot damn…that's an amazing space and you are bound to make some amazing memories there too (may I suggest a mini fridge and Coffee maker - maybe a toaster oven and a daybed too haha).

Hi P. :)

Oh I totally get it :)

I LOVE your new space and admitting to a jealousy right now, the snow is the only thing stopping me invading, lol :)

It is good you can take the memories with you and build new one and what a space to be creative in :)

I'm thinking more of a cocktail bar and a chaise but you know me, wine is the creative muse in this house, lol :)

Enjoy moving into your new space, cheers, T. :)

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