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So true!! Xoxo

You are completely awesome, and my hero!

This is the best explanation I've heard yet for mental sh*t falling through the cracks!! Love it ;0

Ahaha! You slay me. Do you know who Abe Yospe is? He used to have a blog but now just posts on FB and Twitter. You have the same sense about you. And I love it! I actually got my sh*t together... and then forgot where I put it! ;-)
You are always my 'something good' Miss Patty!
Enjoy the day!

I think you just about got it covered ;)

OMG!!! P. you are so on :)

I totally do not miss those days but dealing with the young adult "I don't give a Sh*t" is as joyfully challenging.

One day, I will have my life and my house back, until then I'm rooming at the Frat house :(

And they wonder why we drink, lol :) Way too much testosterone and not enough Estrogen to balance it out :)

Hang in there girlfriend :) Cheers, T. :)

Oh Patty, too true but so funny. I laughed so hard I cried (guess I could have said; "I laughed so hard I almost sh*t my pants"). :D

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