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How lovely your paths came together again after so many years. I'm sure his being back in your life has made your life richer. :)

My father has probably passed away by now as he would be well into his 90's. He abandoned my mother when I was a baby - he had his mistress (I usually have another word I use to describe her, but I'm trying to be nice) that he wanted to marry at any and all costs. He felt she was far more dear to him than my mother or me and so he tossed us both into the garbage bin of his heart. He told mom if he ever saw her again he would kill her and that he didn't want to see me either (I think I was about 2 years old when he made that ultimatum). Then he informed all his family (mother, dad, brothers sisters) that if they ever told my mother or me where he was he would never speak to them ever again. Neat guy, right ?

Oh wow. What a heartfelt, but also heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing it.

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