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Love your amazing, summery creations ! Makes me thinks of a warm summer day at the beach !

Beautiful! I really love the coiled wire.

Love the ocean theme of your designs, they're all beautiful!

All are so beautiful! I love how you turned the trees into coral:-) Very creative and lovely!

Fabulous designs one an all Patti! love that first bracelet especially but they are all great - good work Mrs.

Beautiful pieces. I love the coiled bracelet!

All your creations are very pretty....I love the ocean theme.

I love everyone of your designs....they are all fabulous!

I love them all :-) made with so many ♥amazing beads and focals. Very wearable, I love the earrings the most!

I was already dreaming of a tropical escape...I so need a vacation! Your lovely designs just make me long for it all the more as I spend my Mother's Day with laundry! Beautiful designs, Patty...thanks for making my day dream a bit lovelier :)

If you were going for an ocean theme you certainly succeeded. Everything just screams beach, ocean, reef. Great job. You look so much like one of my sisters. Some day I will send you her picture to see if you agree. Loved your reveal. Great job! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

OH PATTY!!!!! Stunning!!! I love each and every piece!

Love the beachy theme...very pretty :)

WOW! I love them all (and what your partner made!). I really, really like the one with Lisa Peter's focal -- that is gorgeous. And coiling wire IS relaxing, isn't it! Believe it or not, I like making wrapped loops -- I find that relaxing (although I think I need new glasses!)

I am so glad you participate in these events and I truly appreciate all the effort you put into your work. Thanks!

Fantastic water/beach themed pieces you have going there! I love that you coiled the wire for the bracelet - I was trying to see if it was copper spacers and then read what you wrote - you have some made coiling skills there woman! I love what you did with those trees - turning them upside down and using them for something else - what a way to adapt to your theme!
Some really amazing pieces you have going on!

You are a girl after my own heart!! I love your tide pool themed pieces ! what a glorious soup! I ended up going the way of the ocean with my soup as well!! brilliant idea turning the trees upside down!!!

You've created some beautiful pieces with your soup. I love how you were so creative with your focal beads and the lampwork beads, Love your designs - Cheers!
Lori in Atlanta

Patty, I am in love with all of the pieces that you created with the bead soup I sent you! It's pretty amazing to see how you were able to make all those beads into beautiful pieces. Of jewelry that I would love to wear everyday! I have enjoyed having you as my partner and I enjoy having gained you as a friend now. You are lots of fun :) Thank you again for the fabulous bead soup you sent me and for allowing me to try all the great focals and beads from all the wonderful ladies who created them!

Ooh! I love how everything is with the same theme. My fav is the tree that became corals. Awesome!

Love the coiled wire bracelet. The way you used that focal piece was perfect, I can not imagine it any other way - it truly does look like a tidal pool just waiting to be discovered.

I always am impressed by and love to see your creations because you never fail to create things that are unique and uniquely beautiful. I give each piece here a five star rating. :) * * * * *

Beautiful soup! Loved your beach inspired creations. I would have a hard time picking a favorite.

Stunning creations! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite! And how cool is that you and your partner sent similar color soups!

I love how you kept everything in the same theme! All of your pieces are just gorgeous!

amazing designs! love the coiled wire bracelet <3

Love the sea horse necklace. Wonderful theme and I love how you saw coral in the trees, brilliant!

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