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Yes, yesterday New Brunswick received 40-50 cm (16-20")of snow, with lingering wind gusts today. The Easter Bunny may have committed Hari-Kari, Patty.

So jealous of your British beads. Sad I felt I couldn't squeeze anything else into April :(

Well, the 16th will be a perfect day for another blog post 'cuz it's my Wedding Anni,lol but my Hubby won't be here, :(

And I am done celebrating Easter, too expensive, we are paying for college now, screw getting Easter candy, lol again :)

WOW!!! She has turned into a B**** from hell :)

Hope you guys get some good poop scooping weather soon, cheers, T. :)

Too much to do in the fast paced world with all its technological distractions. I have pretty much stopped trying to keep up with it all.

Love the springtime beads you received for your challenge, I'm sure they are giving you a lot of inspirations . . . perhaps too many. But in the end I know you'll come up with an amazing creation - You always do. :)

That is one rabid rabbit! I am so done with snow. And if you need help on that bulk buy of vodka, count me in. We have a little distillery in our area that is now making potato vodka. It's what you do with the leftovers from the Ore Ida factory down the road. We are potato country, too. Don't let Oregon take all the credit. And nothing goes better with potatoes than sour cream and cheese, but that is what you would expect from Wisconsin! Looking forward to your reveal, Miss Patty! Enjoy the day. Erin

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