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Oh I laughing sooo hard..you have a great way of telling the 2013 Thanksgiving Story.

And this is why we love you! Only you, Patty, only you...

Oh my! What I wouldn't give to be a fly on your wall (maybe Miss Nan can make me one in her next oddball creation!) You make me smile big Miss Patty! Enjoy the day. Erin

Forgot to say that I LOVE your scarf! That color would go great with the streaks of purple that I just had put in my hair!

LOL only thing more funny is your accounts of the doggie girls. 25 pounds of mashed potatoes is nothin' at my house. That's just a snack! The family fights over leftover mashed potatoes at my house. I love your illustrations!

Loved your storytelling! Ahhh great memories that you and your family will be recounting and giggling about for many years. I love your scarves! I was trying to shop but couldn't get the coupon code to work.

LOL - I bet they could make that into a movie, Patty.

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