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OMG those are the BEST LOL! Talk about treasures to embarrass them in front of girlfriends in years to come...

What a great pair! Balance....

You are very blessed. So cute!

Great pictures. The boys are adorable and so are the dogs.

What a double blessing you have!! Too adorable, you lucky mama :)

Your 'two' boys are wonderful! I don't even think that Grumpy is as grumpy as he leads you to believe. *smile*

Great shots of your pair!

So are they twins? The dogs are pretty cute too... they aren't the same bred are they?

Love, love your boys!!! You should frame these. :)

Just plain LOVE it!!!!!

Great pics of the boys Patty. Thanx for including the furry kids too.

I'm a twin as well and we are nothing alike--not even close! My mom made us wear the same things much to our frustration. She cried the day we protested and refused to dress alike. I so wanted to get our photo for this challenge but she lives in another city.

Your boys are--well-boys! Enjoy their different personalities. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

I love it!!

They're too cute!

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