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I'm not quite ready for fall, but I don't dread it. there are wonderful things to anticipate about all the seasons. Even Winter!

I've always loved autumn, now that the kids are through school it's even more appealing!

Well, I like the idea of fall, but do enjoy it when summer goes on for a while- especially now that I ma back in the north where the winter will be long.

I too consider fall my favorite season. Yes, the fun of halloween (and forever hearing about the "lame" costumes I made for my kids), the fact that my mom so enjoyed the chances she got to drive with us out into the country to see the glorious fall color show, but most of all because it culminates in my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving.

September has always been a favourite month - promising, new-term feelings; often wonderful weather here in the UK - I always feel energized :)
And how exciting - your studio space already looks amazing - you lucky girl!!

I like fall but I really don't like what it precludes! YOur room looks like it will be lovely... my kitchen is done except for the backsplash and the floor and the toilet which is still sitting in the backyard... considered planting flowers in it!

Patty, you're getting a craft room? How wonderful!!! I missed that along the way. You are a lucky girl. I love Fall. I have way more energy and motivation when the cooler weather hits.

Oooh, it's coming along isn't it!? How exciting :)
As far as Fall, I do love it in so many respects. We don't really get much of a Fall down here. The temps do drop a few degrees and my birthday is in the but that's about all that's different. I hate that it's the end of summer and that it's about to get COLD, but it's kinda nice to be able to go down to the beach and it not be covered in tourists and kids! ;)

I can't wait for you to move into your new digs too! We are about two months behind on me moving into the extension so I seriously feel your pain. I have to say fall and spring are my favorite times of year. If it could stay 70 degrees all year round I would be one happy camper - though I would miss the trees changing colors in the fall and the trees and flowers blooming in the spring.

Great quote! And awesome photos, too. LOVE fall, although here in the desert it still feels like summer because it's over 100 until the end of October, but then the cooler fun begins! And the pumpkin/spice smells,.....

I love your pictures!

I absolutely love autumn (since we moved to Canada): the nature explodes in wonderful colours and the market is full of produce every day! However, I simply dread what follows it (winter) - so much this year that I am not able to enjoy the colour changes yet... Or the idea of it being already September!

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