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Yeah.. your new craft room will be wonderful.
Roadside shopping is the best..buttercup.

Oh, such fun! I didn't realize you started on the craft room. The stuff you've been collecting is great, especially the roadside freebie. Enjoy the peace and quiet while the boys are in camp.

I am so excited for you!! I can't stand it. Your space is going to rock!!

Oh the joys of remodeling :)

But at least you are having fun buying some awesome goodies :)

I Still haven't recovered from our major remodel 10 years ago and now we are planning the last thing to be done a kitchen remodel but we are also doing a downsizing sale this weekend, call me Crazy!, lol :)

(I need a trip but not to the crazy house just yet, lol :)

Have a lovely day, cheers, T. ;)

Patty you always make me laugh, if not a right out loud guffaw you at least entice a convulsive giggle from me. Your; "Suck it up, Buttercup" makes me think you may have been a drill sergeant in a former life. . . with children that really should be a prerequisite. :D

I can well understand your infatuation with the charming little Blythe dolls - not only are they cute and sweet but I bet they make you feel less outnumbered in a house full of testosterone.

Ooops - forgot to add:
I'm so glad to see progress is advancing on your remodel, it is going to be beautiful when finished and will probably become your favorite sanctuary. Is there a way where you can lock yourself in so the guys cannot drag you out of your future haven ? :)

I can't wait to see the finished project! I love all the little touches you are finding. I just wish that I could get a handle on all the bins and bags and boxes filled with beads that are lurking in my studio. I just got my 3rd rolling drawer cart (not free but a good deal) so I will at least look a little more put together and can get rid of one more of those ugly plastic rolling drawer doodad carts. Clearing a work space is high on my list, but that would mean I would need to spend time in my studio. But I did just purchase a brand new color laser printer and even set it up for wireless printing all by myself for the Pop-a-Dots, well ain't I the fancy one! I would love to have you come and decorate my studio space. You have such a great eye. Must be that CDO (that is in alphabetical order the way it should be ;-) Enjoy the day! Erin

Awesome finds especially the cabinet!!! I feel your pain on the construction! They are three weeks behind and I was so hoping I would be moved in by now but the new date is the middle of September - oh well. I can't wait to see your space when it is done! Have fun while the kiddos are at camp!

How fun! It's coming along!! It's going to be fabulous when it's all done. Those straw containers...jealous!! Great find!

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