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Yay! Craft room! We should be starting our project at the end of the month - it's called the "move the laundry room, make old laundry room pretty so Mommy can craft, and move the main bath into this century" project :-) I'll post as it happens in solidarity.

Awesome - can't wait to see the new craft room! Does having an extension put on the back of mom's house count??? I can't wait to move back home (I think I am the only kid who wants to move back home) so I can go into the studio any darn time I want!!!
Good luck with the reno on the garage! Hope the girls get use to all the noise :)

Hahahaha! Seriously? They buried the xerox machine?
All the best with the rest of the renovation, and congrats on the new craft room!

I think I am getting a studio, too, but not sure how happy I am about it. Once again our business has outgrown the office space. Six years or so ago we remodeled a sea container into 1/2 office-1/2 supply storage. Now DH wants to build a real office, with public and private office space, bathrooms, employee lockers and break room. I would get the old office for a studio; heat, air, and all. The only problem is we bought the house next store to control who we had for neighbors, which cost what a new office would. I wish money grew on trees, especially since DH told me yesterday that we are on a contractor's list for late summer/early fall!

Yes we too have also been renovating for nearly 6 years! I feel your pain.... But now at the end, yay & I have a little 'creative space' of my very own, now just trying to find time to actually 'make stuff' x

I know all of these things probably weren't funny at the time but they sure are funny in your retelling of them. A Xerox buried?! Seriously?!

Patty, You have got to write a book one day! We had a Xerox machine that could not be given away or taken to the dump, so my DH took it apart piece by piece & we snuck the pieces into the trash pickup each week! Can't wait to see your beautiful Craft Room when it's done!

Yay for craft rooms!! Lol on the cocaine bust! :-p

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