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Love your posts.... Always bring a chuckle & smile to me face.... Can't wait to see your renos all finished.... And what great finds!!! Love my Home
Sense for that kind of stuff..... Have a great day Miss Patty.. xox... Lol btw Miss Nala love the dishwasher too!!!

Our buffet is in a different room... with a sink... Ick.


...I am betting it rhymes with "Boil it"....

I probably have one of the charter members of the sister organization - BDWEODA! Meadow was a notorious Dishwasher Browser. And Abel continues her original exercises. Ugh. Drives me crazy ;) Love your new/old displays, and well, don't particularly love the work in progress, but the end will be well worth the dust and dismay!

You always put a smile on my face! I don't have pets, but I do have two children who don't know what a dishwasher is for and therefore I have the Overflowing Sink Cascading Onto All Available Counter Spaces If They Ever Remember To Bring Them Down From Wherever They Used Them dirty dishes! (OSCOAACSITERTBTDFWTUT for short!) I am predicting the need for ant bait shortly.
Enjoy the day! Erin

I want those bowls!!!
Annie comes running when she hears the meat drawer open in the fridge or when I pour popcorn in the pan!

OMG, you amaze me at how much you get done in a day, let alone a week :)

If I can get to Ikea and the gallery this week I will be so excited (oh and get the laundry done and pretend to cook a few meals, lol :)

Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

Isn't it fun to find things you thought were long gone?! Yes, I have dogs who hug the dishwasher when it opens, but the worst one was the blue Heeler we had that loved to scarf down a whole loaf of bread, plastic & all fresh from the store! It didn't hurt her, but when we figured her out, we made sure to keep it up higher than the counter! Can't wait to see how your remodel turns out!

Yikes ! The basement does bring a shudder down spine - but every step forward is progress, even the smallest of steps. To be honest it looks like there were some really major steps taken - like maybe steps using a bulldozer. :D Remodeling always gets worse before before making things better.

Amazing what things one can find when one isn't really looking for them. The mannequin looks like an interesting work in progress - love to see what she looks like after you remodel her.

Hmm, puppies in the dishwasher. Maybe you could just put the dirty dishes on the floor, let the pups lick them and save yourself the work of scraping or rinsing the dishes before you put them into the dishwasher ?

Okay - so I should have proof-read my comment before posting as I have a strange, sticky keyboard.
Sometimes I type a word, don't see it printing and so type it again, only to end up with the word appearing twice. Other times I ignore that the word isn't appearing and think it will appear in a moment, but then it doesn't.
Wonder if a shot of W-D40 would help the old keyboard?

Lol...what a mess!! But a good kind of mess - one that will bring joyous angels singing soon. ;-) Love the bowls!!!

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My youngest doggie also loves the dishwasher. When I pack in the dirty dishes, she is right beside me to see if I missed something on the plates. I have given up trying to get her away and just put the dishwasher on the highest (warmest) setting :)

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