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my studio looks much like yours right now- things stacked all over the floor, sorting has begun:)

I am working on Spring cleaning. It always seems to be a work in progress. I have friends who go mad for a week and get it all done but it seems for me it takes a while. I did so some curtains and windows. I am working my way around the house. Thanks for sharing your studio Wanda!! ;) xoxo <3

I need to. I know I do but I just don't know where to begin and it is not just in my crafts room; the whole darn house is screaming at me to get out Mr. Clean and start scouring.
Sigh, maybe tomorrow, right after I finish the Cellini spiral necklace and after I complete the beaded flower, bracelet and after I photograph some of the earrings that are stacked up on my desk, and .... Maybe I should just break down and hire Molly Maids ? (I wish) :D

no not yet, and my space is complete need of it! it is a disaster!! but I'm at a point where I can't find anything so creating is impossible. so likely will be forced to very soon!

What a great post! Our studios could be twins. :-) And no, I haven't done any Spring cleaning per se but I desperately need to!! I hope it warms up for you there in CT!

No I haven't really started spring cleaning yet other than tear down our garden shed and the new one arrived yesterday. That was step one in the series of spring cleaning for me. I leave today for Art and Soul and so the refilling of the shed and onto step 2 will have to wait until next week when i return. It feels like dominoes around here, everything is contingent on a previous step before it can happen. I have SO MUCH to catch up on I'm afraid it will be next spring before it all gets done! Love the MOP birds BTW!

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