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switched to truvia for my tea, adding more veggies..but the fruit needs to be reduced and i'm not really much of a meat eater so will have to think of how to switch up proteins.
thanks for sharing.

Good advice. I'm trying to eat more vegetables! Not giving up my coffee with half and half and sugar. No way! And I am dieting! Pooh.

And congratulations on losing 5 pounds!

Good advice and thank you for sharing it. I was well on my weight loss journey last year and then, well as many of us know, I had a very BIG year. But I am back at it. I was successful with a program my daughter had through her work. (yes, the hospital she works for is progressive that way). It's an expensive program but basically it teaches you to change your attitude towards food and incorporates much of what you've listed here, with a few extras like chewing more and taking breaks in your meal to let your brain catch up to your tummy. Lots of water. I lost 27 pounds and 18 months later I haven't gained any of it back. Cutting out all that sugar I think was the biggest and most helpful thing. I no longer crave sugar, bread, crackers, cookies....Once you learn to find the sweet in healthy things it's not even a struggle to not eat all of that other stuff. Yes, I fall off the wagon but just start over knowing that in a couple of days a carrot will taste so so yummy. Fruit? Berries are my best friend. Chocolate, once in a while.

Congrats on the 5 pounds! Keep at it because you are going to feel so good. I'll bet you feel good already!

Thanks for sharing all the info Patty! I'm eating low fat and low carb. I have to limit the amount of fruit I eat too. Some fruits can cause my blood sugar to spike just like a piece of cake will.
I look forward to more info from Drew.

That is awesome! I could never give up coffee though! I switched to a healthier soy creamer that I found at a health food store. It's not the same, but it'll do! Congrats and keep going!

I've just started to go totally Vegan because of health issues (I'm going to blog about it soon). I do eat a lot of fruit but not the real sugary ones. I eat bananas, small oranges, berries mostly. Lots of sweet potato and carrots in my blended soups. I'm experimenting with quinoa as a protein source and also drink soy milk, etc... So far my arthritis is improving and the pain has lessened considerably!

I read this post earlier and was disappointed with some of the advice you listed here, so I left the page to think on it. I thought we were doing pretty good on our diet until you mentioned cutting out the fruit. I was downtrodden. Dang. I need to work harder on this. I guess it's more salads for us. . .maybe even ones that don't include fruit in them. Thanks for the advice, apparently I needed it.
Best of luck to you on your journey to a fitter you!

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