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Wow!! Now THAT'S what I call 'recycled'!! Those are fantastic!!

Enjoyed your blog, what alot of great ideas, thanks for sharing these~Linda

I always have my eyes opened, looking for an antique dress form, in decent condition. I have a wire one (from TJMaxx), but it's a bit busy, and the jewelry sort of disappears on it. I love all your displays (from this post, and lots of previous posts). Your displays are always creative and beautiful.

I saw that Jane Austen-esque display gal on Pinterest too and she's utterly divine!!

Some cool things here! The little forms made from dish washing liquid bottles are really neat. And the mannequins from Corset Laced Mannequins are drool-worthy.

Is there a tutorial for those cute dish soap bottle mannequins?

Is there a tutorial for those cute dish soap bottle mannequins?

Love the dish soap bottle mannequins! Hoping to have these as one of our crafts for a young girls church retreat. They will love making them. Are there instructions on how these are made?

Any directions on making the soap bottle maniquins?

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