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Chock full of healthy goodness! Way to go, Patty. I'm so impressed that you make your own stock (vegetable?). Menu planning, cooking, and clean up for one is exhausting. I can't imagine how you do it for six. Kudos to you. (I'd give the kids cereal, too, if they don't like what's being served.)

You are coming up with some yummy recipes, wishing you well with your healthy eating.

I was so sorry to hear about your basement flooding, I hope my comment on FB wasn't rude, you know I was just joking, right! :)

A serial killer stalker craft room with year round heat would be my option, LOL!!!! (just make sure you have a baseball bat close
by :)

I LOVE the photos your buddy Nan is making for you, how sweet of her and did I see Mr. Depp in the background of one???

Downton Abbey, what can I say, I have been hooked from the beginning! Totally in love with the fantasy :)

Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

Yum! That looks good!! My family, even the kids would like that.

About the only thing my one son isn't a huge fan of is fish (unless it's breaded/battered and fried) but I've noticed even that's been changing lately. My rule is always "try it", you can't say you don't like it till then and if you don't then you're on your own, which here usually means pb&j or cereal. ;-)

Luckily my kids are pretty game at eating most things. :-)

love soup this time of year - especially today! it was 10 degrees out this morning at 6am when I caught my train, which btw had no heat or lights. I arrived as an icecube into Grand Central ...booooo

Hey Patty
I totally hear you about the family not agreeing on what's for dinner. No matter what, it seems as though at least one of the kids does not like what I make.... 3 are really healthy eaters and the 4th is practically allergic to healthy food! :-( Thank you for posting this recipe...I'm always impressed with your cooking skills...and I know my husband will like it because he is the biggest soup lover I've ever met!

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