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Yum! You can do it toots. Working on being healthier and moving more is the first step, everything else will fall in place as long as you are consistent.

Lol...you're funny! A bacon tread on the treadmill isn't a half bad idea. I have a treadmill in the garage but I'm not on it nearly as much as I should be. I usually eat pretty healthy but definitely over 40 it's so much easier to put on the weight than to take it off.

I'm into drinking "green" smoothies for lunch lately and those are really filling and nutritious.

That salad looks so yummy!

Heee, yeah, boredom and food are the perfect combination aren't they? And your salad looks so yummy.....

...If I could get around the chick peas! Ah well ;) LOL

You can do it girl!! I just started recording my own project as well. Not because it was January but because I went rollerblading with my friend Paula and we have decided to keep tabs on each others progress reports (Strength in numbers) :)

Oh my that looks delicious! i'm with you...I get bored easily. i also do the treadmill every single morning. My pitfall is eating the first thing I find in the cupboard/fridge to reward myself for getting on the treadmill. It's a vicious cycle!

Evil nemesis? That would be the Christmas baking... unfortunately there is still some in the freezer. I'm giving it away to skinny friends LOL. That brings me to my best tip: making sure what you find in the fridge is what you need to be eating. I think snacking is great, but it's gotta count towards the "healthy package" IMHO.

Just as important is making yourself accountable. I love the online food and exercise diary at SparkPeople.com, very user-friendly and FREE. Helped me lose a LOT. When I stopped tracking (being accountable), I gained weight. I'm a slave to my plan, I guess, Patty.

I love the recipe, BTW. It's great when I can throw it together from stuff we all keep in the fridge. I bet both the bean and the tuna versions are delish! Thanks for the share.

When I was growing up, we had chocolate gravy and biscuits and bacon every Saturday for breakfast. So a chocolate covered bacon filled bread bowl is making me drool!!!
Good luck. You can do this!

Patty, my Mom had the same problem recently with losing her treadmill key. I think maybe one of the boys or nephews touched it while she was gone to Italy over Christmas (that serves her!). :-) But she found it. You've inspired me to push it further on the treadmill...because like you, I'm not dieting!!! ;-)

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