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Great pics! I need to do this right now. I totally missed the Sat post.

OMG - I am so glad you signed up for this one Patti - you make me laugh so much and I LOVE IT! Your pics are awesome and the one Nan did for you is crakin' me up!! Seriously,...as I've told you before,...you NEED to get your own reality show. I hate those things,...but yours I would watch and enjoy!

Fabulous self portraits! You always bring a smile! :)

I would watch your reality show too!!(And I don't ever watch those things!) :))) That photo with the bear is a scream!!lol!

your little guy is so cute! great pics, and the one from Nan is hysterical!

Yay, I'm glad you are joining the fun!!! Your photos are darling. And the one Nan made for you nearly had me rolling on the floor (though you may not have thought it was funny when you encountered the bear).

Adorable photos, Patty! I love what Nan made for you! You must live in an EXCITING neighborhood!

Patty, OMG! I'm chocking I'm laughing so hard! You should of put a warning up before that last picture!! HAHAHAHA! Leave it to Nan!

Your self portraits with Tessa are beautiful! Especially that one of Tessa giving kisses!

It's great that you are doing the self portrait event..love that you included Tessa too..
better watch out for that bear in the woods


Awesome shots! :)

I agree with Mary a reality TV show starring you would be awesome :)

I am too chicken to do this, photo thingy, LOL!!! Esp, Self P.

Well, have a lovely evening, cheers, T. ;)

Those are awesome pictures. I love that you took them with your puppy. You look so happy. :)

Patty, I love these shots! You sure captured your great personality and sense of humor...and I always love pictures of your dog!a

For years on our vacations to Colorado I wanted to encounter a bear. Maybe I should come walk with you? Love your sense of humor and your fur baby too!

lovely, lovely pics! and that last pic is a real hoot :o)

Love the self portraits!! Too cute!

Yeah, I'm finally back online - the computer is back!!

I think I might join in on this challenge - it's a great idea.

Love love love ALL these pics!

LOVE every bit of this!!

that is all.

What sweet pictures these are. And a bear encounter! Scary!

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