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what's a Khardashian?

I don't watch very much "current" tv, but with all the buzz, this is a show that I am sorry that I missed out on! I will be thinking of you tomorrow night at 8:00 PM! PS: Love Nan's comment above!

ahhh! i envy you - you have the whole series to look forward to... we saw it before xmas in the UK - and i promise not to share spoilers!!
enjoy every second :)
have a great week!
[no. 13 this week]

Oh, I'm with you on "me" time to watch Downton!! It is the BEST show on right now. Love, love, love it!!

(I'm #40 this week - yay, finally made it)

I love the "no speaking, no fighting, no catching yourself on fire" rule! Reminds me of Robert's first grade teacher who would ask when interrupted "Are you bleeding, vomiting or on fire?" and when the child answered no, "then go and sit down and wait." I use that once in a while in my own classroom! We just finished re-watching seasons 1 and 2 in preparation for season 3 -- I can't wait!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE DOWNTON! Love you on your horse too! Lol

What a great thing for "me" time. I have heard such great things about Downtown Abbey, but have never seen it. I might be checking it out. :)

I finally watched the first two seasons back in the fall and was hooked from the beginning. I missed last week and will probably miss this next episode too. :(
I love your Downton board on Pinterest!

Awesome! I love your life in your minds eye.

Yay, Downton and PBS! This is actually "date night" at our house. We both love the intrigue and nasty goings-on (both up- and downstairs) and the acting is SOOO delicious. Believe me, if I were silly enough to forget, hubby would make certain we didn't miss out LOL. And, yes, the sets and costumes are amazing, Patty!

I can't say I know anything about the Kardashians, snooky or honey booboo ( actually thought when they said that they were talking about yogi's sidekick) and I started watching Downton Abbey when it first aired and then with my lost year last year, never watched again and would love to find a way to catchup. I too love looking at the costumes and jewelry when watching period shows. We watched the series Spartacus and amidst all the blood and sex i was saying " OOh look at her earrings"

I think you may have been born in the wrong era. I feel the same way...well except for the corsets and the absence of A/C.

I've never watched this show, mainly because we just have basic cable, but I would love to see it. Never cared to watch the Khardashians...

And thanks for another photo from Nan. What a hoot!

Patty - I have not watched Downtown but I have seen your board and I love it! I don't watch "reality" TV and seriously can't see why people watch the Khardashians! Love your last photo and your rules during the show :)

OOOOH! I am right there with you on the Downton "me time"!!! I watched the series on Hulu last year, then when I arrived in MA, my girlfriend and daughter hadn't seen it at all yet, so after much convincing they took the plunge! After a two season marathon, we all look forward to Sunday nights!!!!

Lovely post, Patty.And gorgeous costumes etc. I can't wait to see more of this show when it airs here..we are so far behind you guys with tv shows..I do have the DVD's though.I adore Maggie Smith.My daughter watches the K show- what a lot of vain, selfish women is all I can say...I don't understand the fascination with such shallow people!

I have chuckled at the name of your blog for a while now. After reading this post I know that you have a wonderful sense of humor. Only the mother of boys would say "No catching yourself on fire." My Mom was the same way about Gunsmoke when I was a kid. We had to have the dishes done before the show so that we didn't make any noise when her show was on.

P.S. you are not alone in liking the old clothes. I have dozens of books on antique costumes. I made & dressed dolls before jewelry.They put so much effort into costumes before everything got mechanized. I love seeing how they trimmed the 1800's dresses.

I just finished watching the latest episode! So fun and soap-opera-ish in a high-brow way. And yes, a picture of a picture is still a photograph.

Love you and Tess on horse back - lol!
Started watching Downton in season 2, and now I can not miss it!

Will it shock you to know that I have never seen that show? I actually don't watch much t.v. But I hear so much about this show that I will have to be on the lookout for it. Maybe my newfangled Genie can find it and record it for me from the beginning?! Enjoy the day. Erin

Well, now that I see Downton Abbey episodes are available on Netflix - I guess I'll have to start watching and find out what I'm missing - AND so I can join in on the fun you all seem to have about it! You may just have created an Abbey monster, Patty!

I love Downton Abbey also. I was out of town this weekend, but had recorded it and stopped what I was doing today to watch it. Loved your post!

I've got to hop on the bandwagon for this show. I have watched the first episode, but just don't seem to find much time to myself for tv watching. I have a husband to entertain and he's totally not interested in Downton. I can sometimes get away with Project Runway being on while he's in the room, but it's begrudgingly. Hmmmm.
By the way, that last shot is too funny.

I've only seen a few episodes on my computer cause my boys won't tollerate it, but I wish I was right there w/you - for sure!! Yes, a photo of a picture is still a photo!! ;-)

Had to laugh about the 'no talking, no fighting, no catching on fire!' .... sounds like me! And this is the one show I wait for all week .... LOVE this one! The styles, the jewelry ... the period stuff .... amazing!

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