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Go for it Do not pass up on this opportunity which may never come around again!!..not being able to have a room of your own for the winter months( how long is that anyway?) is messed up..go for the soundproofing..and curtains,no peep shows for serial killers in the woods.. baby monitors work great,if you are nervous..they are cheap and cover a good distance..so does peppergel,when needed..
shhh, this is a perfect excuse for a second dog..
In a household of 5 boys/men..you better think ahead(3 teens on the way) and get in on a private space asap..just sayin'

Oh honey! I know the things you have been dealing with! Back in our old house we had a night of squishy madness when the whole neighborhood flooded and our just finished basement had to be ripped out, all with a wee baby to care for. No fun, but the possibilities are now open to you! Glass half full! I vote for craft room! When we were looking at this house, there was an odd room in the basement. Turns out the previous owners used it as a workout room (wha? I can't even wrap my brain around that!) but it was a blank canvas. And my hubby piped up that it would make a great craft room. SOLD! Of course, I have turned it into a sweat-shop-turned-hoarders-episode-waiting-to-happen. I really must remedy that so I can get back to making without something toppling over on me. The spiders and I even have an understanding: they don't show their creepy crawly selves and I won't stomp all over them! Enjoy the day! Erin

What an ordeal! Burning calories and getting some exercise getting everything moved. Tough decision about the craft room. Ideal if it were located on the main floor and away from the playroom. Oh, what to do! If I watched Criminal Minds and The Following it would definitely feel too far away from safety. If you decide to go for it, definitely soundproofing, curtains, and baby monitor like Nan said.

Sorry, I will be of no help here, I don't do basements. Nope, no sirreebob, out of the question. Our old house doesn't have one and while I know I could probably use the space for some great storage, it wouldn't do me any good because I'd never go down after it! My response, batting the eyelashes the whole time, would be " but Hon, wouldn't it be easier to just try to put some heat in the room I have now? After all I've spent all this time getting it organized and set up just the way I want it" Might not be 15 x 15 but it comes serial killer free!

Oh, so sorry to hear about the flooded basement. What a mess that must have been.

Yes there are definitely a lot of pluses to the purposed new studio in the basement - the space - the warmth - French doors. Maybe you could finagle a wired in intercom system, complete with a panic button . . . just in case. ;)

sorry to hear about the flooding! but seriously ... jump on that! I know my husband only offers once and I have to jump on things! - LOL. My studio is in the basement and I love it. I get to spread out and no one touches mommy's beady stuff!

I know how you feel about the basement - serial killer aside - it's too far away from the refrigerator - and the bacon.
I laughed out loud at this blog post, Patty. THANK YOU!

You crack me up so much! :)

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