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Such pretty earrings! Good luck with your home show!

I love sterling too - I remember back only a few years ago, it was so reasonable! I would definitely work with it a lot more if it was cheaper. I live in hope that it will come down in price at some point in the not too distant future.....gorgeous earrings my dear!

Oooh!!! Pretty, Shiny, LOVE it :)

Wishing you well with your show :)

Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)

So pretty!

Isn't it crazy how prices change!!

Hope you have a great time at your home party...sounds like fun!!

I just got an order with my first sterling ever! I only got a little for ear wires and I'm afraid to use it because it's so darn expensive. I've also taken to copper because it's so nice to work with. I like steel wire too. Lots of luck with your show!

Your earrings look wonderful, Patti! I've always loved the glow of copper, and I would probably continue to use it even if silver prices were more reasonable.

I love sterling too, and it was all I used when I started making jewelry. I've been hoarding what I have left and really miss making things with sterling. I love how easy it is to use.....big sigh

These are gorgeous! the combo of sweet gemstones & sterling feels SO much like celebration~! & perfect for the holidays. Sweet stuffs.
I have horded SS for years- and am finally parting with my stock. Skin sensitivities keep me partial to it (i'm just not a vintage brass, oxidized kinda girl...). & I can only sell what I too would wear. So sterling it all stays. ;)

And wow! i had no idea you made such sweet scarves! I've been looking for these for stage wear... see you very soon on Etsy! xox

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