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Hi Patty,
I am glad that you came out of the storm unharmed. My thoughts and prayer are also for those that did not come out of the storm unharmed. Those are beautiful scarves did you do any with pink in it?

Glad to see you back and that all is well at your home. Those scarves are amazing! You did those by candlelight?! Love the print...what a thoughtful
friend. Going to see if there are any schnauzers in that shop! Jenni

So glad that you came through the storm ok & we are also praying for those who did get all the damage from it... it's sad and we have been through our share of hurricanes, Rita & Ike, but you build up again even stronger & better than before. I would love the first scarf with all the colors in it if it's not sold. Could you let me know? You are one talented gal!

Glad there was little damage to your property and yes it is too sad about those who have lost so much. :(

Love the blue scarf, I saw that yarn a while back and was tempted to try my hand with it, but decided I had far too much already to do. Hello, my name is Anna and I'm a "Craft-aholic". :D

So happy and thankful that you all made it through safely, Patty. It doesn't even seem like a whole year since that last awful storm- and to go through two of these in a lifetime is too much! I am glad you all made it through the power loss and that it didn't last too long- and that your trees fell in the right direction- that is a blessing! Your scarves are beautiful! And I love that print you received- it has found the perfect home! Thinking of you all!

So glad you made it through the storm ok. You've been a crocheting machine!! LOVE the Fall colored one - gorgeous!!

Cute "snuggle" print!


I hope y'all are safe and warm after last night's storm as well.

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