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No Man's Land....what a name for a place! I keep saying it over and over. I've got to go find out more about it now. I love this piece you did. In spite of the name, the isolated sound of it, the piece you made is warm and comfortable, isolated, yet not alone......more At One With. Perfect!

Great necklace, and love that Earthenwood owl focal to highlight. Great match to the palette and feel of the picture. Andrea

What a gorgeous necklace and a fun project to be a part of :)

My Hubby is always sending me those beautiful photos from the NASA site :)

They are truly stunningly beautiful :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T.:)

Love it!!! The flow, the colors, the owl, the whole piece. Beautiful! And the title of the palette "No Man's Land" is great (i want to go there!)~ it really gives the owl a sense of being alone but he looks ok with that :-)

Very pretty! Love that owl too. Great job!

I wonder where "No Man's Land" is - it's probably at a bead show!! lol.

You knocked it right out of the park - couldn't be more wonderful! congrats.

I love the owl - what a beautiful pendant. Just love how earthy it feels - wonderful job.

Purdy! I love it.

Love your color palette! Such pretty deep blue, and your focal and matching blue beads are gorgeous - matching it perfectly! What a lovely piece!!

Hmm...so where is this place? The picture is really pretty, so is your necklace. The barren branch somehow gives me the sense of isolation you were going for.

PRETTY colors!!! Love those czech beads!

I loooove that blue, and your Spirited Earth pendant is perfect! Actually, as a whole, it's perfect, from the Czech glass to the pearls. And I love the way you brought nature into it, making it feel totally earthy.

Thanks for playing along!

Lovely neclace Patty. You used wonderful Czech glass beads. I love them.


Niiiice! Simple and evocative of solitude. Love it. Nice job.

Your necklace is very striking. The blue and yellow seem to play off each other. I think that your piece matches the feeling of the color palette pic really well.

What a super way to pull out all the color Patty! Love Nan's pendant, the czech beads and how you pulled this design together in a really fun and classy way :) JLynn

What a cute, woodsy idea! Love it :)

I love this design - I'm a crazy bird lady and adore the little owl, beautiful!

Very cool necklace. Such a poetic statement. Love it.

Oh that pendent is so beautiful, and the necklace you've created, equally beautiful, you've pulled the colours from your pallet so well!

Wow, Patty, what a beauty! You have really taken an original interpretation on the picture, too. Bravo! I'm subscribing to your blog so I can catch up more easily in the future.

Beautiful Patty! I love your interpretation of " No Man's Land", too! Such a pretty piece!

Such a pretty pendant. Your interpretation of the title of the photo and the colour palette is quite beautiful.

I love the way you think, Miss Patti. I think that the brilliant blue of that gorgeous art bead is so vibrant. The branch and leaf toggle are a great complement and I love that tiny pop of the yellow-green. I am so happy that you were able to play with me! Enjoy the day. Erin

Stunning necklace Patti! I just love those blues, the hint of yellow and love the metal of the branch and leaf togehter! Awesome job!

I've missed seeing this kind of creation from you!!! It's just beautiful and has 'Patti' written all over it!

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