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The sticker was the best part! For Merrick at least, because he got two :) I will be happy to have the political calls STOP. I hung up on ever single one of them.

I vote for Tessa! Enjoy the day! Erin

I think this past election campaign was the worst one ever. All the mud slinging became so obnoxious that I'd click the remote and switch channels to avoid seeing them . . . and the phone calls !!! Do they really think that someone is going to stand and listen to a robo-call ? I didn't even listen to the live calls let alone a recorded one! And since John and I are NPA ( Non Party Affiliated) we got calls from all sides of the political fence. :(
I truly wonder just how many people actually listen to those prerecorded calls . . . perhaps very lonely folks who are thankful for any phone calls at all?

Congrats on getting your sticker, LOL!!! :)

Can't vote I'm only a resident ALIEN (He! He!)

But I can't wait for this all to be over, with 2 Americans in our household we have been getting a LOT of junk mail recently, my poor shredder is exhausted, LOL!!!

Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

NOVEMBER 7th - Hurray and hallelujah - the elections are over and now they can shovel up the mud from all the mudslinging and life can get back to normal. :) Best of all no political calls - especially around dinner time. :D

So glad the elections are over - so tired of the phone calls, ads on tv, political crap-mail! I really wanted to comment that TESSA is adorable! ADORABLE!

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