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Awesome! I love your little suitcase and display. Excellent transformation. You inspire me to think outside the box, or suitcase, as it were. Thanks, Patricia. xox

Congratulations on getting your wonderful jewelry into shops. Yeah, I can sooo see you with your own little boutique. :)

You are one crafty gal, Patty! Congrats on selling your wares in new boutiques, so excited for you! I just love the idea of your moveable shop, super sweet & matches your style perfectly! It's kind of like a traveling Fuller Brush man, only with bling!

I am always so inspired by your innovative spirit. The display case you created is perfect for you. I'm not at all surprised that you have a new selling venue.

I've never even met you in person and I can so so see the boutique side of you. I can even see the oh so French atelier.

Thank you so much for posting about all of your wonderful display ideas. It has me thinking.

Love, love, love your suitcase display!! Wishing you the best getting your stuff into some stores and hopefully maybe a little shop of your own one day. Now only if you were just a tad closer so I could come shop! ;-)

Super cute display! Awesome! Congratulations with the shop! I don't have enough confidence to approach stores.

This is an incredibly cool display! I'm inspired! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Congrats! and that suitcase is such a great idea - you amaze me with your crafty ideas!

That's so great! Where do you have your cards printed? The quality is fantastic. I have always dreamed of having a boutique too.

That suitcase is so you! You are very craty and ingenious. I don't know many persons that turned a suitcase into a jewellery display, well, actually you are the only one who did it.


A very cute idea that looks perfect with your work!

That little suitcase is AWESOME! Congratulations!!! So happy for your new found successes!

Don't forget your whistle too!!! LOL!!!! :)

You are always so full of amazingly inspirational ideas :)

That is so lovely and I totally love the presentation esp. the earrings on the circular backgrounds with your info neatly around the edge, very cool :)

Have a great weekend ref. :) Cheers, T. :)

I just want to thank you :) I still consider myself a newbie to beading as I do it so infrequently but am trying to get myself organized again. A friend and I will be doing some craft markets (wish me luck!) and this post has inspired me to make an effort with my lables. I am very happy with the pictures I have found and am excited to get my lables made! I am not yet at the suitcase stage but watch out . . . lol

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