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(snerk) the look on Tessa's face says it all... "Well? If you paid more attention to me, things like this wouldn't have to happen!" (I find a tablespoon, or, in her case, a teaspoon) of olive oil in their meals helps anything that might be (ahem) "undigestable" make it thru quickly and safely. Not to mention good for the coat and dandruff ;) Good luck with that!

I have so wanted to try my hand at resin art, so far all I've done is epoxy stuff together.

Love your resin cab. Looks amazing !!!

I love resin but am baaaaad at it still - those darn air bubbles! Love this pendant you made - beautiful!

Bead Soup Mix

I am laughing so hard at Tessa! That dog is awesome and so is her owner. Thanks for the linky and the love. Now I should post. Its been a week. 8~}. Super duper resin pendant! Xoxo

Hahah - It looks like your Tessa and my Bingo have a bit in common - it's exactly what he would do to an envelope in his reach! LOL. Pretty pendant!

LOVE how that came out Patty! I just love resin too and have been aching to get mine out all week. You did NOT help that at all! (imagine me with my hands on my hips, one hip jutting out to the side, and an accusatory look on my face ;) )

phew! no beads harmed! look at that face on your sweet dog!

Your resin piece is awesome - LOVE it.

That necklace is cool!

Tessa, Tessa...up to her old tricks I see. ;-)

Very Cute necklace :)

Wishing you well with your orders, that is awesome :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T.:)

Finally able to get out there and browse the blogs alittle bit, and what do I see but Tessa's lovely little mischief face! How cute is she!?!

But, Patty, oh goodness, love what you're working on here! This pendant is just gorgeous :) Good luck on your orders...

I love the way Tessa is looking at you as if to say 'Yeah? So?'! Our furry babies are the best.Pendant is stunning. I keep promising myself I will set aside time to play with resin, but no luck as yet. Do you mind if I ask which brand you would recommend?

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