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Oh, Patty, this made me happy. Even the purple toe! It's so great to see your success and your happiness. You go, girl! Keep at it. It's awesome to see.

I'm so glad that despite the mess and the purple toes, you had a great couple of shows! YAY!!

The "before" and "after" ... SO TRUE!

The exhaustion ... again too true ! The elation of knowing people love your work ... Priceless. :)

I had not a single doubt that you would be a fantastic success. Your creations are amazingly beautiful and only an idiot would not love them.

Hope your toe is feeling better. Take care and have a very relaxing Sunday (the laundry and the tidying up can wait until Monday ... or Tuesday ... or whenever).

I'm glad you are happy! and those earrings are gorgeous!

Yay Patty! Congrats on your successful shows! AWESOME!!! Glad to hear you are reopening your shop in Etsyville!

Lol on the before and after. I haven't done a craft booth in many, many years, but I remember the coming home part was always a mess, but oh so fun to meet people. :-)

Your booth from the previous post looks fabulous!!

So glad to hear that you are selling stuff. Yay!!

YAY! Patty!! -- I think you should celebrate more... at the Copacabana with Lola where you can drink champagne and dance all night! =)

Just clean up enough space to work.

That was a good story...right up to the part where Lola popped & you have a purple toe! Ouch!

Oh poor Lola, and a poor you with the purple toe! Bet it was a LOT of fun though!

All the very best with the new listings. Are you moving from Luulla to etsy? I am thinking of doing that...once I have enough inventory of course.

So sorry about your toe...but so happy that you are happy! Congratulations!!!

I'm so happy you had a successful show, but so sorry you have a purple toe! Good luck with Etsy!

I kinda figured Lola was tipsy from celebrating! Thrilled you had a good show and that it fed your soul as well as your family! Congrats!

How wonderful! congrats on your successful show/s!

Heee, oh, how well I know that before & after look! I'm trying to avoid my craft room office...there's a path to the computer and that's about it :)

Glad you had two successful weekends, despite Lola and your poor toe! Your stuff, as always, looks lovely!

I had to laugh at poor Lola- that girl needs a cup of coffee! I can relate to you chaos after a big project like that- now to pick up... oh, wait, you are relisting...so, mess will probably stay (*sigh* that is how it goes over here... the studio fairy doesn't show up to help when I need her LOL!) The earrings are GORGEOUS too, btw!

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