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Wow! The candy idea is clever. Your set up looks great - you have SO MUCH - and I noticed the thermos ;) Glad you had such a good time!

I always prefer to buy on Etsy, but I have to say I hate sending them any money! lol If I see something on Facebook, I try to contact the seller directly, that way they can choose to invoice me, that is my second favorite way to buy something :)

WOW! look at you go! And I recognize quite a few of those displays :D (shelves, milk jug ...) well done! Hey next time you need an extra pair of hands ... and it's near home (CT) let me know - that would be fun to help you!

WOW your display is awesome. I do like to touch and see the pieces in person but since I am not near ANY of my favorite artist I suppose ETSY would be my purchasing place! LOL

Great tips on lessons learned. I used to lure people in with candy when I did a monthly market. Worked like a charm. I used ProPay with a card swiper for credit cards. Definitely helped my sales. I don't have internet access on my antiquated phone so ProPay was a good alternative. Really nice set up in your booth!

I have shopped both etsy and luulla and FB i buy ONLY if I know the person I am buying from.

LOVED your display, and your post is funny as always. I can totally believe you got hit in the head by something.

And I love Lola too.

I love your "boutique"!!! Lola looks fabulous in her "new" dress! When I put candy out, I tend to eat it, too! I shop on ETSY and Facebook. I had a Luulla for 3 months - I don't think people even saw it, so now it only etsy for me. Glad you had a great show!

Great displays and great post with beautiful jewelry. I am trying to get ready for a show in 2 weeks, I need to make a lot more inventory:-) I like shopping on etsy. I highly recommend square, it is free and I can sell on the go, I have had terrific sales on the soccer sidelines.

Looks great and congrats on your success!!!!!

Check out Square as a way to accept credit cards - just need a smart phone. The device and signing up are free - you pay 2.75% on purchases. The app on my phone lets you record cash transactions also so I don't do paper recepits any more. It lets you pre-enter the sales tax rate so no more pesky math to do either. Super duper easy peasy. And I have only shopped on Etsy - love it or hate it it's never steared me wring. p.s. - please come to Alexandria and build a booth for me :-)

Sounds like you had fun. Well except for the part about getting hit in the head! When people truly want something, they find a way to pay for it. I do think you'll see an increase in sales when you are able to add credit cards.
I don't really have a "favorite" place to shop. If I see something I want I'll buy it where ever it is.

Great tips!!! I had to share them with mom. I also love your booth set up!!! Mom and I love our Square to take credit cards. We did have a merchant account but it was eating us alive with fees. Found out about the square in the fall of 2010 and started using it at our first show in July of 2011. It is super easy and just plain awesome!!!!

Your work is so darling! I love those little winged hearts :) and the candy vs small items by the till is genius :) Obviously, you're one of us who gets caught by those chocolate bars in the checkout line ? ;) lol

Yes, definitely make extra extra little things and keep them in your car, or in a covered box beneath your table for easy refills :) As for the debit vs cash,check with the immediate area where you're showing. Some had debit machines close by, and I've seen some with a 'traveling' debit machine that sets up shop. It'll help if you can point your customers to the nearest machine, and offer to hold the items they'd like for a certain amount of time - half an hour should be plenty of time for them to get cash and return, and it won't keep your work out of circulation for long if they don;t come back ;) I don't get out to many shows, and when I do, I go for the components over the finished jewelry. When it comes to online, I prefer those that use paypal, over the 'private' set ups.

Looks totally AWESOME Patricia. I'm glad it was a successful day for you.

Beautiful boutique Patty! Glad the sales were good for you too. I tend to look to Etsy first when i want something that can't be purchased at Amazon. Have never shopped Luula or facebook.

You did Great!! Love all your displays and Lola too. I prefer to buy thru Etsy, but I have to say that I saw an item on Pinterest, followed to Flickr for the source, contacted the sweet lady & she put them onto Etsy for me to purchase. So that was cool! Very glad you had your help for your weekend, it makes all the difference!

Your booth is fabulous! I'm sure you attracted many shoppers, just to see all your displays!
I have purchased on etsy and Artfire.

Patty, your booth was amazing and with your gorgeous jewelry I can see why you were a big hit at the show.

Yes one problem with outdoor shows is that Mother Nature tends to do her own thing, regardless of what we would wish. :D

Each show teaches us something. We find our displays etc. becoming a constant "work in progress". And there was no way I could have ever done a show without the help of my wonderful hubby (who attended but not very volunteeringly - lol).

Oh forgot to mention that I have bought from etsy but so far none of the other places.

Also thought you might like to hop over to Meeling's blog; The Hair Peach. As she is having one fantastic giveaway.


Great Target find for the dress on Lola. Getting hit on the head, oh that stinks. Now I want popcorn and it's only a bit after 9am.

Beautiful jewelry and I never heard of Luulla until reading this post. I'll shop on Etsy sometimes, and never have on fb.

http://newendstudio.blogspot.com/2012/09/inauguration-of-5-new-awards.html You've been awarded. ♥

Beautiful set up and jewelry. That weather was crazy! Congrats on a great sale! I like Etsy because it keeps track of my purchases nice and neatly with photos and address and invoice. Saves me the trouble.
The dress Judy was awesome as was the candy idea!

Your jewelry is just beautiful. It sounds like you had a lot of fun even if there were a few disasters! LOL!

I only buy through Etsy...it's just the easiest way to shop! But I want to try the square for direct sales; I've heard nothing but good from users.

Patty, your booth was lovely!! I am glad you had a great time (despite the hit to the head!)- Keep up your wonderful work!

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