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Happy Birthday friend!! & Happy BlogBirthday too!!

Your display set up looks fabulous - loving those milk jugs!!

Noooooo....I've seen those pictures - you are NOT 48 - surely you've given yourself (at LEAST) an extra decade?!

All I'm going to say here is, I love your jugs. (Now get YOUR mind out of the gutter!)

Happy Bloggiversary! It's one of the best!

I love the displays :) I started with darker displays and as I am going I am finding that ivory looks best. The milk jugs are awesome!! I need to start looking around for something like that, smaller and more compact! Great stuff! I have a giant easel that I have a large earring board on. It fits over 150 pairs of earrings. It has served me well, but like you the wind likes to take it away! I strap the board to the easel, and the easel to the tent leg. It's ice to learn new tricks from each other, I really need to do a post of my shows sometime :)
BTW if you are 48!?! you look fantastic!! I would have thought a good 10 years younger for sure!!

Congratulations! Loved reading your first blog post and your displays are so creative!

Happy Birthday Patty. Remember age is just a number.

Love the tutu mannequin display, she looks lovely. Sorry to hear about the thefts, even though they were small it still is a disappointment to think that people would do something like that. I guess I was very fortunate, I was doing shows for about 4 to 5 years and never had anything disappear. The only time I had anything stolen was when I consigned some items to a local boutique and art gallery and someone swiped a couple of pairs of my earrings. :( The gallery owner reimbursed me but it's not the same as actually making a sale.

Oh and the milk jugs (lol) are adorable. How clever and cute.

Happy all those versaries -- yours, your blog's. That's awesome. I love hearing why you're under the bus. That was an awesome first post. I enjoy everything you write. You're smart and filled with information and oh so funny. And your jugs are really cute, too!!

Happy birthday! Love your under the bus story. I've been under the bus a few times myself :-) You aren't really 48 are you? Can't be.

Happiest of happy birthdays - and congrats on a great weekend show and your blogoversary. You are seriously awesome :-)

Hope you have a wonderful B.Day - lots of pampering and relaxation :)

SO, glad your show went well and what an amazing display, jugs and all, LOL!!! :)

And congrats on your Blogiversary, you always make me laugh and always inspire, you are an awesome Blogger Buddy :)

Have a lovely, lovely day, cheers, T. :)

I agree, 48 is looking pretty good if you are really 48! Happy Birthday! Happy blogiversary too, will go read that first post directly. You crack me up with your spray painting, a new level reached, a painted tutu! Amazing!

I loved your display!

Yep I am loving your jugs too and there is no way you are 48!!!!! What a gorgeous display!

I LOVE that display.

And your jugs :)

Hello, I am officially a new fan. I have been trying to help my Mum/Mom over hall her crafts stall as she has a habit piling things on so that you can't see the wood for the trees! I've been trying to find the perfect display to give her an idea of what (I think) she should do, a display that is a little quirky but does the job it's supposed to and show off the wares. I have to say I have never seen a better one. In a past life I used to own an accessories shop and was also a TV set decorator, I love display, it's my thing! So thank you for sharing. I'm now off to bookmark you and will come back another day to read all your other blogs. You see you really do have a new fan. Best wishes, Claire xx

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