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Lola looks wonderful!!!! Such an excellent idea! Your setup looks great!


LOVE Lola! I have a FLAT chested bust that you've inspired me to try to "dress up" somehow. I liked the little 'tutu' that you used on one of them in your previous post too.
Hope you had a great sale weekend, Patty - next up - MY TURN! Heritage Festival and Art Market weekend. Cool but sunny. That's the forecast. Yay.
Cool Moon Creations

Ooh la la Miss Lola. I am deciding if Queen Pearl will join me at my coming show. I love that ladies were using her skills to help you. You are my display hero. Enjoy the day. Erin

how many people asked you if the dress was for sale?!?
she looks great! no faded feathers in this Lola's hair!

Looks great! Love the dress - what a steal at $10!!

Lola looks great now.. and the color of the wicker is perfect. Plus the dress you found is great! Nice display. :)

Oh yes I could see the Madonna resemblance in the before picture. She's definitely more family friendly in her sophisticated lace frock.

Took me a while to figure out Blogger (so many things have changed) but I managed to bungle my way through it (some of it anyway) and got your lovely blog back onto my sidebar Blog-Roll. I do not adapt well to change but what can one expect of a brain that's been around for over 66 years. :D

You stuck your finger in her? How? hahahaha.

That is a beautiful dress on her :)

Lola is lovely and I'm so glad she's feeling about herself. That's important for us girls!

*good*. So glad she's feeling *good* about herself!

I got a mannequin from a plus sized store for only $5 when they went out of business. Its a high quality mannequin but she is a big girl! All my necklaces hang too high on her chest because her neck is too wide. Wish I could put her on a crash diet. LOL!

OK so basically what you are telling me this morning is that I don't need a low carb diet and a haircut to feel better about myself, just a simple can of spray paint and a $10. dress and I'm good to go! Works for me! HA!

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