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Ha, sounds like your summer and mine were quite similar! Sand, sand, laundry, stickiness, more sand and still more sand...fun, fun! But this book did create a bit of an oasis for me :) And bring on the tuna sandwiches!

Saving this at the top of the favorites to come back to it. Great post, and I like the little comedy too... did you find the apple yet? Much love Patty. xoxo

I love the polymer clay pieces you created. I think book intends for you to use it the way that works best for you. Journal or not, I can tell that you've been inspired!

POOF! That's really how it feels sometimes!!!!

Patty, I hear ya! My muse went on vacation for quite awhile and then "POOF" she was back! I love the polymer clay pieces you created they are lovely!
Wonderful post!!

lol, go get that apple out of the car, Patricia :)

I need to get this book. Not that I am short of inspiration, but I cannot organize my thoughts and my time and actually DO something. Hope the book will help with that!

I loved your PC creations :)

Ms. Patricia, at least your blog is some sort of journal and it will be here forever unless of course you accidentally hit the wrong button and delete it! =)

Ok, I so need to break down and get this book!! Did you make those poly clay pieces?? Did you paint them??? I want to seeeee!!! :) They are super cute!

Patty thanks for co-hosting with Elizabeth, sounds like you had a great summer, we had sand and fun too and that is inpsiring in itself!!!
Fun clay pieces!!!

Wow! If I had a swimming spot on a lake like that one, I would never leave!! :))) Love the photos of your boys with the 'fair' foods. I can almost smell that apple in your car! lol!!

I looked at the book on Amazon and as soon as I saw "journaling", it frightened me off! Maybe I should give it another go!? "Secret stash" of polymer clay hey.....is there nothing you can't do! LOL

handsome boys. Secret clayer uh. Your polymer clay pieces are off to a great start. How ya going to finish them? Thank you for hosting this with Elisbeth.

Great post Patty - sorry it took you three tries :-) I agree on the journaling - I am not so good at that - but I am liking the non word journalling - aka - glue all the crap from your purse onto a page - that was fun! I am looking forward to picking more random pages as time goes on. Thanks for hosting - and I am thinking early November would be a good time for the next hop :-)

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