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Hi Patty, we've missed you but looks like you were busy having a life. :D

Summertime is meant to be spent with the kids . . . going on vacations, picnics, fairs and zoo's etc. Yeah all too soon school will be back in session and the warm sunny days of summer will be a distant memory. So make those memories whenever you can. ;)

Looks like you've had an awesome time! Don't talk to me about going back to work yet.....give me August at least! x

Lots of Sticky gooey fun :)

That's just what you should be doing over the summer, outside :)

Ours just takes the form of something a little stronger now everyone is over 21. LOL!!!! :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

Your boys are gorgeous! Looks like a fun summer so far!

I miss the fun stuff we did in summer but I don't miss the feeling that I was being punished for something I didn't know I did in my childhood!!! The summer always seemed longer than the school year did!
We're going on a road trip to Denver next week to move Sean there. I'm happy for him but sad for me.

Fairs have got to be the most memorable and enjoyable times of summer!! That and wading through ponds catching frogs and turtles! :)

I miss those summer days when my kids were younger and we really enjoyed everything summer had to offer. Nowadays, it's all work and I look forward to summer being over so the pace will slow down again. Funny how your perspective can change during different life stages. If i ever get to retire, i will look forward to the fun of summer again with the grandkids this time! Gotta ask, what is summer packet?

Looks like fun days!! Summer has gone fast here - didn't get done nearly all the things I had hoped to, but oh well. I go back to work and the boys to school in less than 2 weeks.

I'm ready in a way - but I know that alarm clock is gonna suck!!

You've been busy having fun! The fair looks way more fun than the summer packets! :)

Looks like y'all have had some fun. . .that;s what summer is supposed to be about right!?

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