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Love this! That's one nice tush and I'm thinking the boobies are more from the 50's - perhaps before your time dearie??? Everything looks just terrific.

Was going to say the same thing Lori said...nice tush :-)

I would recommend adding something on top of the wicker, even if its temporary. The texture might not always photograph well.

i like seeing your displays. show me more.

also. lola. a true 70s kind of gal. what with her strutting around topless.

Lola looks great. I think she's proud of what she has! Tessa is just too adorable!

I think you need to use the dog! What a cutie! Or how about just putting on a turtleneck in a solid color? Dang. Your little bulldog is adorable!

The turtleneck comment was for Lola, not for Tessa, LOL I don't believe in clothes for doggies, that's too embarrassing.

I love wickeryness! She is a bit more Madonna perky so maybe a halter would be good! LOL You have the best displays I wish I could see them in person!

Haha! Lola looks great! And Tessa is adorable :)

Smart girl to put the plastic wrap on first :)

I love all your creative ways to display your beautiful work :)

I really wish I had Lola tatas, she defies gravity, is that her secret power? LOL!!!:)

Can she teach it to me? :)

Have a lovely Friday, cheers, T. :)

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