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I think your photos are awesome, esp. the last one :)

I can relate to photo frustration with regard to working with photo shop, my son has been teaching me and he goes, just click here and do this and then that and then you drag this here and click on that and there you have it, right!!! I have to ask him to repeat it all and a LOT slower, he just looks at me and says; "what don't you get?" :(

Anyway, I hope you guys have cooler weather this weekend, we made it to 93 YAY!!!! Sunshine at last! :)

Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)

I think they are lovely, especially the 2nd one.

Some days are more challenging than others but I applaud you for your perseverance. In the end you came out a winner with some fantastic macro photos and a blog post that made me laugh as I read it. Patty, we can relate as we've all lost that magic groove at one time or another. :D

These are gorgeous!!! Wow!!

These are beautiful!

Camera issues or not, your photos came out really well. Down be so down!

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