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Beautiful photos, Patty!
What warm ,loving and thoughtful sentiments. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful Peonies, one of my favorites. I loved your shot last week too, isn't that cool!!

Very pretty, Patty. Have fun at the graduation.... Wonderful times to come.

Beautiful photos Patty! Loving and thoughtful words too.

Very nicely written and photographed, Patty. My pic was the most clicked 2 weeks ago. So cool! Congrats!

Lovely shots! I love peonies. It's both awesome and scary how quickly the kids grow up. Ronja will begin 7th grade in a bigger school in August. Mirja still has two more years in a smaller school.

Though I don't have kids of my own, I know how hard it is to watch them grow up. I'm constantly amazed at my nieces and how fast they're growing up.

Anyway, your pictures are really pretty. I don't think I've ever smelled peonies. . .I might have to change that!

You captured the gorgeousness of the peony! I love that they smell as beautiful as they look!
Our babies grow up and it is happy and sad at the same time. You will spend the rest your life marveling at the extraordinary person he is as he goes through each right of passage. You'll end up pulling out the gray hair he causes but that's just part of it!
Have a great Sunday, Patti!! XO

Gorgeous photos of the peony! Congrats about the most clicked last week!

Delicious flowers with beautiful colors.

Each one is gorgeous. The delicate ruffles and swirls of colour are delightful.

Beautiful!! And congrats on having the most clicks last week!!

Patty - I love that shade of pink ! Wonderful macro photos of a gorgeous peony blossom.

You've done a marvelous job tending your garden of boys. You've nurtured them well and their roots are held firmly and deeply in good values and morels - they will - someday - all be fine young men, admired and respected by those around them. Great job - Mama Patty ! :)

Seems this Spring not only sprung by, it leaped right passed us (maybe due to the fact this was a leap year?).

Congrats on the Most Clicked Link. :)

Terrific shots! I love the vibrant colour.

Beautiful shots Patty and congratulations on the "most clicked" picture.

Thanks for stopping by and for your well wishes and prayers. I am feeling better and started to play a bit. Take care.


Lovely shots my dear :)

And great analogy :)

Wishing your son well as he progresses to H.S. and a new chapter in his life :)

Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

Hey where is the like button? Lol...beautiful my friend.

Oh my these photos are amazing ;o) TFS
Love the color and soooo close ...

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