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I always love looking at your display and jewelry!! It looks wonderful!! Still a week and and a half of school to go?? Wow!! We have been out 2.5 weeks and starting the 3rd week today...my kids are off to vacation bible school all week, so I get a free 2.5 hours each morning!!

Beautiful! Your displays are always beautiful. So how were the sales?
Was it worth it?

Your display looks great! I couldn't do summer outdoor shows though. I am such a heat wimp - you are very brave :) I hope you did well.

I hope you did well at this show! I'm sure with your lovely display you did great. It looks so professional!
I'm going to be doing a street festival in July but don't have a canopy. I'm guessing I'm gonna' be pretty hot... :P

The plastic wrap is a good idea for those types of displays. When I was doing smaller markets (like farmer's markets or once a month things where I didn't want to remove everything from my display every week) and I had similar displays, I cut cardboard or foamboard to fit and masking taped it to the front. The masking tape would hold it enough and then I could remove it stick it to the board and reuse it at the end of the day to replace it.

I got that idea from another girl who had a huge flat fold out earring tree and she had a really flat box that she would pack the whole thing in to transport and never had to take any earrings off!

Gorgeous displays Patty!

Yuk about the heat - that can be miserable! I hope you did well. :-) Your necklaces/lockets look especially lovely.

This week - I have 2 more days of work to get through and then I'm done for the Summer. Yippee because I have a bunch of sewing and home dec projects that I want to tackle and just haven't had the time. :-D

Happy Monday!

Patty this looks fantastic! Love all of your displays.

Your displays - and the jewelry - look wonderful! Was in the mid-90's in Virginia this weekend too - horrible weather! Neat idea about the plastic wrap! Have a better day!

Your display looks fantastic! I hope you sold lots of product!!! And thank you for making me giggle with your post title!

You are a display diva! I love it all! And I think that you pulled off the Flea Market / Country French Festival On the Sweaty Blacktop Overlooking the Parking Lot look with ease! ;-) I hope the sales were good. I spent the entire weekend at B&B doing my best to stimulate the economy with random and willy-nilly bead purchases. I am cringing at how much I actually bought. Let's just say that there will be no more shopping for me in 2012! I do think there will have to be a big clearance sale in my Etsy shop when I can get it going again this week to help pay off the bills. Enjoy the day. Erin

Love your booth Patty,it all looks great! I have one of those Solitude mannequins,love it. I don't go often enough to Home Goods, so it is slim pickens' when I'm there, but they sure have some cute displays. Your post was entertaining, enjoyed!...but, what would be the sound track...lol

Your displays are great, Patty. I hope you sold a lot and got cool at the end of the day! Sounds grueling to me in all that heat! I also hope you had fun!

Your displays are definitely eye catching. It was really hot and humid here too. More like August than June.

Fabulous display, love the mini welcome bunting, what a really cute touch x

Oh I love this! You nailed the Flea Market/Country French Festival look! Your jewelry is gorgeous as well :)

Do so love your setup for shows. <3

Beautiful displays and jewelry and great post! Still giggling about the earrings in the car seats. ;)

I love your displays & hope you had lots less to carry home! Your displays are gorgeous yo & always put so much into them. Enjoy your Summer & can't wait to see the new look on the dress forms. You made my day with this post! Patti

Your displays are gorgeous.I did shows with my jewelry for years.I have some good ideas to share with you at the beach!

Your displays look awesome! I hate that it was so hot up there already. Hopefully it was totally worth it!

Everything looks amazing... I'm visiting your blog on my new iPhone with the blog lovinApp cool eh ... Where did you get your table top maniquins??? I love them just the way they are... Is that what your going to paint...anyway I'm happy I found some way to see your. Blog again... Missed you bunches xox

Awesome displays :)

I hope you had lots of sales :)

You are a braver woman than I, I can't do those shows anymore, hauling everything around, phew!!!

But you go girl!!!

Get those young men to help you, tell them they are going on an adventure, He! He!, well, it might work the 1st time :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

Fantastic display!! Sorry the weather is so miserable... outside shows can be so draining. I always tried to be inside... just seemed easier that way. I haven't done a show in years... just trying to do my best online. Hope you do well this summer and I'm sure you will be very successful come fall! :)

Outdoor shows in the summer are grueling, and being on pavement only intensifies the heat. Ugh !

Your booth looks phenomenal, I bet it was the most popular one at the show as I cannot imagine anyone seeing it and not wanting to take a closer look.

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