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Love this loot! I am going to have to take a drive over to Homegoods. Xoxo

LOVE them...they are so you!! I wish we had a Homegoods close by. Have fun playing today!

I totally LOVE homegoods! Great finds!

I love Homegoods! You've had some wonderful finds, too. Looks great!

I love Homegoods! Glad you found some great stuff there!

Love those finds. I wish we had more cool stores in my neck of the woods. I'm dying for a dress form or two... or three....

Homegoods is a cool place. Show us pics when you get your banner done. I would never have thought of a banner hack. It's a good idea.

Wow!*!* I love your new ladies... What a deal!

What that's it! I'm trying hard not to be jealous. I love them.

I love Homegoods too! But I never find cool displays like these at mine! I have bought several metal/wire displays though.
The runner is cute too!
I think I need to go shopping after work tonight!!

What great finds :)

I would do the simpliest way for display :)

I have never heard of Homegoods, you know already I live under a rock (He! He!)

Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)

I can't wait for Homegoods to open in New Milford! 12.99... really?! Can I assume you snatched the only two ladies in Danbury? sigh... ~~T

Flipping love! We don't have that store here, but I hit TJMaxx and Marshalls pretty hard!

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