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I love the photo you used to play with on Picmonkey! Gorgeous!
I'm loving Picmonkey, can't wait to experiment with the collage.
Thanks for sharing!

Oh my gosh, Patty! These are all gorgeous! I've never heard of picmonkey. Must check this out.

I love to play around with photo editing programs too. So much fun! I enjoyed looking at all your variations of this pretty flower photo.

Beautiful.. every one!

I'm going to have to play a bit

really pretty series!

Really beautiful photographs--I love both the "before" and the "after" versions! And as usual, I enjoy your sense of humor! :-)

Oh gorgeous effects... Must go and check it out. I can see many hours being consumed!

I looooove picmonkey and I'm SOOO glad that they finally have collage :)

You had me laughing out loud at your pftt! PicMonkey's a link I have saved to play around with later. Your pictures may have pushed me in that direction a little more.. .they're beautiful!!

AWESOME! I'm in LOVE with PicMonkey! and now that they collage; i'm happy as before...
Love your pics. xo

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