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Love this post..you CRACK me up! I always seem to have an errant dog hair floating in my pics....

Lol! I feel your pain as i seem to have a similar schedule. The blurry pics go great with the story line :-)

You're a riot miss Patti!! Thank you for the chuckle!

LOL! You're supposed to give up sleep...you do remember what sleep is, dontchya? ;)

Oh I thought all we did was sit at home and eat bon bons! Ahhhh the life of a MOM!

I was thinking about getting a puppy for Annie (and us) until I read this.

Hey Patti! Why don't you look for a young lady taking photography classes at a local community college or adult ed program. You could schedule time for her to come to your house and photograph and edit pictures-maybe even post- and trade her for jewelry? That would get things posted for you much quicker and easier and certainly your sales will go up!

heeeee.....sorry, I'll stop laughing. Because I know just what you are talking about. ;)

But, but, but...when do you shop for beads....?
Great post Patti - you are a ray of sunshine and fun despite the trials of everyday life.

You crack me up!!! I love reading your posts. Never fail to make me smile.

btw - i don't see any dead bugs in your pictures.

I love you Miss Patty...xoxo and omg that face on Little Miss Tessa....

Oh honey! You slay me! My life is much the same, sans dog, and with one boy and one girl and a husband who is the coach of every team and on the board of all the sport organizations (no worries, we love it, and he could be doing far worse things!) who told me in response to my question of when I will see him again - "August 1st" (its a date!) which is the reason that I am up until 2:30 am most nights working this hobby into the lather of a business without the paycheck and the assistants! I so get you Miss Patty! Thanks for the laugh.
Enjoy the day!

Thank you Miss Patty! I have dog hair pics, white or black whichever will show up best! Only 2 kids, teenagers but a full time outside of the house job...YUCK! So thank you so much for helping me with a laugh. You are fabulous with your down to earth posts and Tessa is just too cute! :)

You always make me laugh and today with my creaky back, tired body, and icky tummy that is a very bright spot. Thank you for that!

Very funny! I'm in love with little Tessa. Well, that is until I heard she leaves vomit on the floor. How could a darling little dog do that?? I was thinking I'd get a dog once I retire, so I wouldn't have cat hairballs anymore. But dog vomit actually sounds worse.
I could not find the bugs in the photos, so, check your glasses or computer screen! :-)

Oh my god, I LOVE this! The kids (though mine are grown, but boy can I remember really well!), the chaos, the dog (in my case, two crazy ones plus one crazy cat), the dead bugs or hairs or dust bunnies or lint or god knows what else in the photos! You are Mighty! : ) and xoxoxo

Great post Patti! You really got me laughing with the dead bug in every picture. Gorgeous butterfly earrings!

I definitely can commiserate!

Hear you! Only have 2 instead of 4, but HEAR YOU!

I'm laughing, not about you, but with you. I feel your pain. Just when you think it's all done, you wake up the next day only to find out you were wrong.

We need to find out a way to clone ourselves, and work it so the clone does the chores and we do the fun stuff.

LOL!!! Omg, I've missed your posts while I've been gone.

Too funny my friend.

I'm finally back and trying to catch up on blogs and blogging!!

Have a great weekend! :-)

You are a saint to make humour out of this!!! :)

I still remember wondering how it got to 4pm and I was still unwashed and would have still been in my nightie if I hadn't have had to drive kids to school everyday :(

Now I am reliving it, with 2 home again and the college boy a few weeks to go before he returns too. Don't believe them when they say they are coming home to help, they lie!! They just make bigger messes (He! He!) It is just a ploy to get back in the house and sponge off you even more, beware of those big smiles and hugs and cards with XOXO's in, LOL!!!! :)

Seriously, love them to death :)

Oh and the person who suggested that you trade off with a photag student, sounds like a good idea :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

well, at least there was chocolate! xoxo

This is why I love you! I'm glad I'm not alone with the multiple school nurse phone calls a day...opps...I meant within a hour!! And I kid you not just last month my camera was missing, then magically reappeared...and what did I happen to find on the SD card? That would be someone who shall remain nameless rear end (clothes, but barely) LOL!

Oh thank *God! I thought it was just me who couldn't get anything done anymore, seems everytime I look up it's friday again and i've lost another week! I laughed so hard when i read what you wrote about the new math, you are so gifted with your writing Patti, I really enjoy coming here. My cat leaves me a a nice hairball/catfood blend that you can't see while toting an armfull of laundry! Yeah..

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