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She is so adorable. I think she would look good in pearls.

Too funny and true. Dogs seem to be drawn to camera lenses! It seems anytime I am near dogs when photographing, they always walk up to me and lick my lens. Never fails. I now am on alert when dogs are near and am more prepared!

My dog Twila is always in my creative space! She has a habit of climbing into my lap when I am creating. She thinks she is a lap dog even though she is much too big for my lap. It is her way of saying "love me, pet me, play with me". Who can resist that?!

I am addicted to Captured Moments-love her beads and pendants!

OMG! That last picture is just adorable! There is no mystery why you fell madly in lover with her! You two girls have fun creating!

Looks like you two are having a wonderful girls' day in!

*big sigh* she is so cute! you must be having a blast.

Ha! Patty, my friend, I love the steamy picture! It's so nice having a four-pawed friend like that share your workspace, isn't it? As for me, I can't even find my workspace right now, let alone work in it! And I think the kitten is hiding in there too...and enjoying the opportunity to play with my wire...gah.

HAHA! - I love it! Our 'grand' cat always gets tangled up in my weaving designs. I love all your new goodies.

I thought your contending with four boys (five even with the hubs) in the house was hard enough. Now you've gone and added a puppy to the mix. How will you ever get anything done!?
At least she's a cutie!

She is totally adorable WANT! Mind you I already have a sweet dog...but not one that wants to stay with me beading and looking at my iPad! I can see she is going to be a momma's girl!

My creative space is empty today...I worked all day...no play time!! :-(

She's a doll btw!

Too ironic! I just ordered some ceramic from Captured Moments today! I can't wait to get my order!! And little Ms. Tessa is mesmerized...adorable!!

So cute!!! The beads and the assistant are fabulous!

Too funny and too cute! Our Shih Tzu, Chase, always has to be in the middle of whatever is going on. Looks like your new family member is fitting right in. :)

Who could resist that beautiful pup...my heart is melting! Also, you got some serious goodies going on there....yuuuummm!

holy moly she's so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it!!!!! I wanna puppy sit!...but first get the explosive poop situation under control, just sayin' ;)

It is so lovely to see how quickly you have all bonded with that sweet little Tessa!:)

My pupper hits the road as soon as the camera comes her way...not sure when she developed camera-shyness!
p.s. you should check my last post re: blog partner drawing :)

I love your dog, and the beads. Can I have them both?

Oh heavens! That is too funny! And I love her collar, now I need to go search for some bling to add to my girl's collar. I've ordered from Captured Moments before, I love their stuff. I could happily play at your table all day!!!!

Looks like Tessa's got a crafty streak :D

Hahaha! LOVE the pics. She's so adorable.

Tessa is so cute! Those are some great photos. I love the colors in your new treasures.

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