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Oh, so many pretty things in your post today!

Your earrings are really fantastic! Beautiful wire work and colors. They make me think of spring!

Beautiful and the earrings look like fun.

Oh wow! Look at those finds of yours :-) Absolutely gorgeous (of course). And yes, I agree - bird+bead=perfection!

love those earrings!

Those earrings are fabulous!! You are so talented :)

Love your new addiction! I've missed you! Trying to get myself back into the blogging mode.

How's life friend?

Your earrings are fantastic and by the way I saw a segment on the Today Show today where someone designed earrings and pendants similar to yours and they retail for $250.00, granted they are made using semiprecious stones and fine metals, but they are the same concept.
Yours are better though cause I know they are handmade!
I love what is tickling your fancy, they are tickling mine too!

Wow those earrings are great! Way to go!

You've gone wire wrapping crazy!! ;-)

Loving the earrings and that bead with the bird...oooohhhh!!!

Love all of them !!! The handcrafted glass beads by KerriBeads are gorgeous (and so are their prices ... especially the sweet little bird bead). I'll put it on my list for when I win the lottery. LOL

Your addiction suits you! All the earrings look gorgeous. (And you have me also drooling now over those pendants!!)

LOVE those earrings and the wire wrapping is gorgeous!

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