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Love the turquoise and red earrings!! Those two colors are so pretty together

Seriously, those earrings rock the house!

As for the dead chicken, totally something my boy would say, even now!

All gorgeous!

Ummm...I'll take some dead chicken with honey flavor and some dead vegetable salad and some liquid dead fermented grapes...please...I think...

I love the name of your restaurant, I wish I could see the sign. I am ready to book a table if there is some dead chocolate for dessert.

(and lovely pieces, by the way)

great photos; good to have some 'sold stuff' too! Love the dead-chicken quote; write them down before you forget them. Great 21st reminders, a little book of.

This is so funny. My husband is the main cook at our house and he does the same thing. I'll ask, "What's for dinner tonight?" and he'll answer, "A dead cow". Sheesh! How appetizing!

I love your wrapped earrings, Patty! Stunning!

Lol...I love your kids take on the "dead" food thing...too funny and so BOY!!

Too funny. Of course, I would have been more worried if y'all were having LIVE honey flavored chicken! ;)

The new pieces are beautiful. I'm especially loving the red and turquoise ones!

Congrats on the sales that is wonderful :)

Oh your boys just crack me up, you have the funniest convos :)

My plans, to take photos of the snow we're are supposed to get overnight before it melts, night time snow shots, LOL!

Have a great Tuesday, cheers, T. :)

Wow! You have been busy! Great earrings and bracelets! I looooove the turquoise and red together!
Can I come over for dead dinner? That sounds Bad..ha! You are too funny!

Love the jewelry pics - thanks for not including a pic of the 'dead chicken' - LOL!

It must be a boy thing! I laughed my butt off at this - thank you!! :)

Hi Patty,

Happy New Year!!

Where can I get the blue/red earrings? And do you make a bracelet and necklace to match???
You're an amazing woman and rock big time with your ideas, you should be on TV!!!


Gabby I sent you an email! XOXO

You and your chickens :) That is so funny. I myself had dead flounder and dead vegetable salad tonight.

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