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love the shots of the lotus pod....never thought of potpourri as scary until now...you do have a point.....love the meat tray too....mmmmmmm

Love the lotus pods. I remember how fun it was to draw them in art class many, many years ago.

Too funny about the potatoes--well funny to me anyway.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Three bags?!? LOL. Well...it *is* a funny story. He followed directions...right? Hehe.

Nice macro shots - I have some lotus pods as well...love the textures & designs on them.

Great pics! and I'm still laughing at the potatoes LOL!!

The potato story is one you will laugh about in the years to come. How cute! I love the textures in your macro shots. Makes me look at things in a different way!

All gorgeous shots! And yes, I'm all turkey out for the year..It's funny about 3 bags of peeled potatoes..I hope you will find uses for them.

LOL! This is hilarious!
Your potpourri thingies are neat and that meat and cheese tray looks scrumptious. I bet everything else was also, well except for the little one's fingers!

OMG you had potatoes really really enough then:) But is it sweet, he did what he suppose to do.

THREE BAGS! That is impressive!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Your fantastic macro shot reminds me of a honey comb.

All I can do is laugh....three bags....heeee ;)

Oh, my! You have been busy :) wondering what to do with so many peeled potatoes! Hilarious! By the way, I was thinking about you these days, when I learned that in a state school in the UK they are making parents buy IPADS for their first graders :)

http://www.itproportal.com/2011/11/25/education-authority-asks-parents-buy-ipad2-christmas-present/ different from what I was talking about but still "cool".

Patty - what beautiful photos; lovely composition and just wonderful images. thanks for sharing your "smiley" thanksgiving - a story to remember. kareninkenai (i haert macro)

Macro cheese and meat platter.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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