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preach it, sista.

also. homeschooling is a big decision. and as you know, i pulled mine out of school and chose that route. i go through a thousand emotions a day just on that topic. but i have to be an advocate for my child. so i know i made the right decision.

joining the band is optional. fyi.

Wow! Laptops? Really? WOW! And using FB for school? *blinks* Say what?! Still a bit in shock over here... Good for you for standing up to it! You should be SO proud of yourself!

Trust your instincts, especially when it comes to your kids.I hope you keep up the battle. Who do they propose is paying for these laptops? I wouldn't buy a laptop for my middle schooler! Financially I don't need the expense but more importantly, a 10 yr old doesn't need to be connected like that, for the exact reasons you are worried about. Stay strong!

I'm dealing with my own fight with our school board, not the same issue...but still a fight! I too have thought about homeschooling my youngest, but I don't know how either of us would adjust! :) My kids can access Facebook all day long using school computers, yet can't access actual research type pages...because that make total sense? And I've discovered, common sense isn't so common! Arghhh! I feel your pain!

Amen and amen sista! I couldn't agree more. In Virginia, my daughter was issued a laptop but she was in high school...big difference.

BTW, I homeschooled both of my kids, my daughter in elementary and when she was sick in high school and my son from 4th grade on.
That's why I'm crazy. lol. just kidding...I had to add that.

I hope it works out for you.

Is that educational Facebook thing called "Edmodo"? They are trying to get my 5th grader to use that- I think it's ridiculous. I also just had my 11 year old nephew get his own Facebook account and ask to be my friend. It's one thing for all of us older people to use social media to reconnect with old friends, and make a few new ones, but to tech children that this is how you create relationships at a young age is just wrong. I know they use the "we have to teach them how to use these tools now" attitude... I don't agree. There's only so much little people can learn: teach them how to read good literature and understand it, teach them how to write (WITH THEIR HANDS!!!) teach them how to play music and make art and do science experiments- the computer will come LATER!! I , too, think often of homeschooling my kids... keep the common sense comin' Patty- Semper Fi (hahahaha!)

Hey I dont even have a Lap top! They are so rediculously wayyy out of line! Most people DO NOT even buy 10 yr olds these things for Christmas. Wow that really blows me away Patti. They have taken your choices away and freedoms and pushed something wayyyy far ahead on them that they do not need. How far are you getting on this?
I really feel for you bc I would be doing just the same as you. Big huggs. I too would maybe think about HS them.

Patty, my friend, I've been following your fight from the opening salvo, and I say "Bravo" to you....

(rain?!?!? I guess it might be time for a rain dance...gah.)

I agree with you Patty, stand strong for your principles I'm sure there are more parents in your school system that agree with you and you should all band together so your point can get across to those in the school system that thinks it is a good idea for 10 year olds to have a laptop. I grew up in the age of the manual typewiter and black and white television (yeah I'm that old) but life was simpler then and we made friends face to face and played outside from sun up to sun down. In school we read from books and wrote with pencils on paper and I see nothing wrong with still using those methods today.

Schools are institutions and for some reason they think they are never wrong. It's hard to fight City Hall but when you're right ... you're right.

I hope you can get common sense to prevail and get those in charge to listen to reason. I'm truly surprised that there aren't a great many other parents at your school that feel exactly as you do, have they all been taking "Stupid Pills" ?

Thanks Everyone - if I don't vent I will spontaneously combust - and yes Erin it is Edmodo - a secret code doesn't help when the local sex offender has it too - what's the point?

I'm with you, once they are connected who will monitor where they go from there? Who will pay the bills for this expensive purchase??? I can't even afford one for myself right now. ( not to mention families living on or below the poverty line, will they just be left behind?) And who will pay for all of the repairs needed when they break because they have been dragged around in backpacks (that are already so heavy that they are ruining children's spines) and slammed around by 10 year olds who "just don't think". As far as learning goes, how many children can't tie their shoes because velcor was easier????? Gotta have common sense first. swopemelmel

I still can't get over this whole thing...curious to see how it all turns out.

Hope you're having a good Wednesday...and good for you for standing up for what you believe!!

All this is supposed to start after Christmas, right? I wouldn't pull the kids out before the end of this school year. At their age it will invalidate the entire year if you decide to re-enroll them and they decide to give you trouble over grade placement.

My son has aspergers and I pulled him out of the hell that was high school just before the end of his 10th grade. So I have some experience with homeschooling. Besides the aspergers, my son is also dyslexic so we had some challenges that you probably won't face. Homeschooling can be a real challenge though. And it can be expensive. Do a lot of research before you start. Maybe you would just want to do it until they are high school age, if you decide to homeschool. Then they would be older when they start with the technology.

I wonder what they can do if you just don't buy them one? They are required to educate your child. Your state doesn't make the kids buy the books, do they? Seems like laptops are sort of in the book category.

Hang in there, Patty, and good luck. I've got my fingers crossed that you will prevail.

Patty, First let me say how sorry I am that you are facing this struggle. Many parents are in your shoes, so don't think you are fighting the system alone. My husband and I knew when I got pregnant that we would homeschool our children. It has been a wonderful journey. It is also the hardest job I've ever done. There are many different ways to go about teaching your child, and I'd be happy to discuss that with you if you choose that route. I give classes to the new-to-homeschool parents who come into our accountability group. The main thing I want them to understand is that you are already a teacher of your child. You taught them to smile. To stand. To blow kisses. To say thank you. You can do this too.
In reading the comments above, there are very good questions raised in addition to your own. Maybe contacting other parents, or asking the school to put this on the table at the next PTA would be an option as well. I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings.

The webcam really scares me, not to mention the sex offender's kid. I heard about a school that used laptops with webcams and some were turned on (by accident they say).

It's time to pull out the big guns. Send a letter to the editor of the local paper. Put signs up around town. Start a petition. Ask to speak at the next school board meeting--and bring reinforcements, but talk nicely and not accusingly.

Can you refuse this laptop? Ugh, I'm so sorry you are going through this!

As someone who teaches, I am astonished at this decision of your school. Why can they not write with pen and paper? And use stand alone computers? They will get to know technology through that, surely. At the secondary school at which I teach, the children would never be given/told to have their own personal laptop to use at school. Craziness! Home schooling is a big decision, and, I must admit, a form of education of which I am highly sceptical - but I can absolutely see why you are contemplating it here. Best of luck with it all.

Patty, I've followed this issue somewhat on FB (I say "somewhat" because I'm not on FB that often!). What a tough decision. It's a shame that you have to face the possibility of pulling your kids out of school - it's such a tough choice to make. I haven't heard about a requirement like that from anyone locally. I'm hoping for the best outcome for you and the kids.

I am with you on your quest to sanity. The problem is that I don't see how you will succeed. Confederacy of dunces might ring a bell. You need backup, lots of it!!!

Two interesting articles on the technology in education debate.



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