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My weekend, huh? Decompress from trying like a maniac to get ready for today's show! LOL :) Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Molly's new blog! Looks a winner to me ;)

Oh no...well I guess at least you have more time to create!

Me...this weekend between soccer matches, I'll be trying to sew a little and just kick back...it was a very busy week at work.

Happy Weekend!!

I'm madly trying to finish up a few things and get ready for my show. It will go on even if there is rain. Hopefully there won't be! Some years the weather is bad. One year we had 40 degree temperature differences, cold, extreme heat, a thunderstorm and a day of misting rain. The misting rain day I was so busy I didn't even get to eat lunch. It's an 8 day show but I only do the last 4. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

A rain delay!!?? After all that work. . .I don't know if I would be relieved for the extra time or upset that I would have to deal with all that anticipation for another two weeks. Wishing you the best either way.

Heading over to the Grateful living site now!

I wish we would've had a "rain" or in my case "wind" delay today! While we did better than most (was told over 100 vendors anually...ended up being 30!!!) It was outside (which I prefer with a gaggle of kids in tow)but it was also on a lake...enter gale force winds and it was FREEZING! By 2 o'clock both of our easel displays had taken a loss...as well as a few pairs of lampwork earrings :( and our tent (although weighted down) was airborne quite a few times...so we packed up and headed home. Now, I'm thawing out (I also have Raynaud's Disease) and relishing having the dog lay on my feet! :) Other than that I'm great!!! :) Sometimes rain delays are awesome girlie!

Hi Patty, wow that never happens to me and with a festival every weekend for almost 2 months i could have used a rain relay or 2 LOL...as for this weekend well lets see i still have 2 Bead Soup projests to photograph and a post for, finish a mommy bracelet order and 3 hand stamped necklaces and i am sick too..mayb stress related..just a thought LOL! I hope you will share some of your creations i love to see what you've made.
Have a good one! ttfn Lana :)

Well it is good that they called if off due to rain instead of keeping it on the calendar. But after all the work that you did I'm sure there was a part of you that would have liked to have gotten it over with so you could find out how it all went but another part of you happy to get additional time to work on things. :)

Oh and that's another thing ... keep a on going list about what works, what doesn't, what little changes that need to be done in the future and other ideas that may crop up on how to improve any aspect of your booth or in handling transactions and purchases. When I did shows it was a constant work in progress. ;)

Oh being grateful is awesome, we have a family grateful journal, of course it only gets entries now on the Holidays :)

Wishing you well, with your show. :)

Have a lovely evening, T. :)

I love reading about being Grateful! I wrote about the other day - and was amazed with how much I am grateful for!

Lisa from New life on the Road

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