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Patty, the earrings and your photo wearing them are beautiful!

you are so cute :-)
Love those earrings!

Those are lovely! They match your shirt perfectly and you look adorable in that photo!! :-D

I'm off work this week for Fall break, so I'm doing extra cleaning and some sewing and reading...it's nice and today I get to meet my hubby for lunch!! That's always fun because we don't get to do that too often.

Have a great day!

beautiful earrings and beautiful lady! LOVE the hair too!! : )

Oh, those are so cute, I'd be squealing too! You're the second person in this earring swap that has said that about the pic, so I'm going to assume it's not easy to take a pic of your own ear! :)
Have a productive day!

Super Cute earrings~!! Similar to the ones I sent my partner but very different too. I love these blog hops!

Those are so pretty...so swingy! Thanks so much for participating in the swap!

Those are so pretty! And it's a cute pic too, but I know what you mean about those hard to take photos of yourself, lol!

beautiful! i would be wearing the heck outa those! they go great with your clothes :-)

You look so Pretty with the earrings or without!

Ha! Understand completely about trying to take a picture of yourself....not fun! But it's an awesome picture ;) And lovely earrings! They really look swingy and just perfectly "Patty" :) (and the ones you sent out are just awesome too! Love those cool art beads :)

Those earrings look great on you! I have not mastered taking a photo of myself despite many hours trying, so I give up! lol. I can't wait to see the earrings you made!

Aww, Patty! You are gorgeous! And so are those earrings! :) <3

Love those Sue Beads! And you look fabulous in those gorgeous earrings! They are so pretty!

Loving those beads - and awesome job on the design of the earrings! Love, love, love :)

Those earrings will be so fun to wear. Love the matte lampwork! You look lovely, by the way! :)

Those are just great! I love how they are long, and have a lot going on, but are not busy looking at ALL! Lucky gal!

Gorgeous earrings and you! Thank you for the compliment!

I ended up using beads By SueBeads too! LOVE her beads! Great earrings!!

Your self portrait with earring was better than mine! They look lovely on you! Really gorgeous lamp work, of course!

What gorgeous earrings and either you planned that shirt today or they totally just worked with the clothes you put on :)

Patty, The earrings are so pretty and look very nice on you.


Love those earrings! What a cutie you are!!

You are SO flippin' cute! Love those earrings too!

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