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Lovely! Purple is a favorite color of mine!

Love it! Want it! :D

I love the purpleness of it :) I haven't made any jewelry in months. Since I now just make it for me, I'm slightly less inspired! That and seriously, I have no time! As it is I have a dress I need to sew for my DD that needs to be done before Halloween. EEK!

Patty, your bracelet is just gorgeous!!!!! I especially like how the silk ribbon works so beautifuly with the metal chain.

I missed getting the September kit and was disappointed, but I did manage to snag the October kit!

I have been making mostly necklaces lately. I get so frustrated when I sit down to make a bracelet and somehow it ends up as a necklace. Not long ago it was all about earrings. I couldn't stop myself!

Patty, the bracelet you made is beautiful! Good luck with your show this weekend!

Pretty, pretty!! I so hope your show goes fantastic this weekend!!

oh that's luscious! What beautiful colors and beads and links and well, I just love it it's gorgeous!

I love the purple theme to the jewelry, How do the kits work? Do you get random pieces sent to you and you get to put them together however you want? Jewelry makes the girl!

It's okay that you made another bracelet...at least you made something and you made it beautiful! Because that's what you do. XO

I love your bracelet, Patty! I wanted to get in on the challenge but the kits were already sold out when I checked earlier. Maybe next time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.

Beautiful as always and the color combinations are divine (also as always).
I love the way you combine the different elements to give your pieces such texture and character and each one is definitely and uniquely: Patty! :)

It's an awesome bracelet Patty! I love all the textures mixed in and that you used all the art beads together.

Wow- I love the rich purple-blue ribbon you used; it really brings out the color. Just gorgeous. ;)

Beautiful! Love the purples!
I missed it but ordered one for Oct.

So beautiful Patty - I love all the texture you've got going on in this piece. Purple suits you!

Your bracelet is gorgeous, I especially love the sari ribbon you have wound into the design. The September kit had sone really beautiful beads!
Deb x

Patty, your bracelet is lovely! Good luck this weekend! Sorry to read about you problems with the school system. I don't know why any one would want kids to grow up any faster than they already do.

Take care!

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