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I am completely obsessed with Pinterest too. The ideas and inspiration are endless! How did we ever function without it really!? : )

those are all awesome. my fave is the "hands with vintage tin" display.

when i display things, i just wear them.

Oh my gosh these are wonderful ideas. I'm constantly struggling with my jewelry display, and in the end get so frustrated that I keep it the same every time.

I'm new to Pinterest and didn't even think about going there for display inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing all the great links too!

Awesome display ideas - I especially love the one with all the wooden crates. I am going to have to check out Pinterest. I have seen so many people talk about it but just haven't checked it out. Thanks for sharing all those links too!!! Have a great one.

Business card rings? GENIUS! I love all of these drool-worthy displays :)

This may be one of the most brilliant posts you have ever put together ( and you are one smart cookie on a regular basis!)- This is just great Patty! Thank you for sharing these resources! I, too, LOVE the old crate display- I actually have quite a few around my house as decor. I don't know why I love them, but I do!!

Love it! Interest, your post, your blog in general ;) I am just full of love today! Way to go, Patty!

Love those display ideas - thanks so much!

Good job Patty, great and timely post as fall heralds in the holiday arts and crafts shows. :)

When one does craft shows their displays are forever evolving and changing and it's great to have a folder or file set up where one can stash all these wonderful display ideas to refer to later. A source of inspiration and different ideas helps to keep one's booth and table fresh and exciting.

All of those look great! I use a lot of old dishes for my display when I sell in person.

Some great ideas! I love the hands...very elegant looking.

I love jars filled with things and walls/fabric boards that have goodies all over them.

Candy would draw me in too!!

I would eat all the candy if I had it out! LOL ...bad....

Wow, Patty...I ALMOST want to do a craft show now, lol !! Any one of those displays would draw me in to look. As creative as you are, whatever you come up with will be fantabulous!!!

So hard to pick a fav! I love them all!

This is a great post! I love the vintage crate display, gah.

Thanks for the compliments on my business card rings! If you make some of your own be sure to send me a link or a photo :)

I've been afraid to get into Pinterest because I am so prone to obsess over it and get totally addicted. But I love all the things you found. It's amazing! And I love those business card rings so much! Cool. All of it!

Oh no! I knew I should have turned away when I saw the word Pinterest!! I just had a show on Saturday and discovered I need to make some changes to my setup... you always learn these things AT the show AFTER you've done a test run or two at home...

These are all lovely! You've got me dreaming of beautiful booths... and now that I know these lovelies are from Pinterest, I may not be able to help it... I may become an addict too! ;-)

I also joined Pinterest recently and it is quite addictive. You have some lovely boards there -just grabbed a couple of your pins.
Thanks for sharing !

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