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Oh you just can't beat hydrangeas. I really like your other pink...not recognizing it. It is always wonderful to enjoy the not so lazy summer days! Beautiful pictures.

I love hydrangeas and those are beauties!

Those are some beautiful plants. I love Hydrangeas. The other plant looks like what we call here in Alabama wild Azaleas they grow along creek banks where it is well shadded and moist, their blooming season is March through April. So in the Northeast could that plant be some kind of Rhododendron?

I am sooo jealous, such great macro shots. Lovin' the colors in the hydrangea, wonder how they'd do in our sandy soil and the heat and humidity of tropical Florida ?

Hi Ladies - I have no idea what those tiny pink flowers are -the leaves don't look like azalea but who knows? Anna they like morning sun partial shade and moist loamy soil so Florida may be too dry but they are one of my favs.

I'm so excited to actually have a photo this time for I Heart Macro!

LOVE this flower so very much -- was in my wedding bouquet!

Hydrangeas are one of my all time fav's. You captured them beautifully!


I'm a big fan of Hydrangeas too! I love the pink in the last photo. Very pretty!

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers so i never tire if looking at them in depth, all the color variations. Ours here are suffering in the extreme heat though. Great shots

Gorgeous pics, very jealous of your hydrangeas, mine hate my garden (heavy clay soil) so never flower:(

I heart azaleas!!! And I heart those other pink flowers too! Great pics, Patty! :)

Pretty...but I was hoping for the PJ's pic this week!! ;-)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Gorgeous flowers! Great shots Patty!

I was starting to wonder if the boys had you tied up somewhere lol!

Gorgeous flower shots. I love the top one with the yellow and just a hint of purple on the tips of the petals! Awesome!!!

Ohhh beautiful pictures Miss Patty! What is the flower on the bottom do you know?. That pic grabbed my heart as my Mother had that in my childhood yard. They are gorgeous!

That just means you are having a good, carefree summer... YEA! Orangies Attic


Those Hydrangeas are gorgeous, Patty!

Very nice! Hydrangea are one of my faves. I just love the third shot!

I love love love hydrangeas! Gorgeous!

I'm itching to get one of these for the garden...they are stunning!

Nice shots sweetie! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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