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my invite must have gotten lost in the mail ;-) such great finds. I love that color changing bead, so cool!

Cool beads, cool bead store! I'm sure you and Jacinta had a wonderful time bead shopping.

Wow, those are awesome beads. I especially like the cathedral beads in the center picture and the big clear ones. Your youngest did good too!

Love that color changing bead..too cool!!

Hope you guys had a fun 4th my friend! :-)

Oooo, pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

love those beads - great colors!

Beautiful beads! I'm drooling over the color changing bead. That is just gorgeous!

Oh my......wow. You got a fantastic stash! What are those big cream, carved looking ones? They are amazing! And all that Czech loveliness....jealous, moi?! ;-)

Oh Patty, I LOVe those beads, all in my favorite colors too! Those big beads with the carved design and the color changing bead are so cool. Love them! Maybe your youngest will trade?

I love purple so I love what you got, great photos too!!

Such lovely beads! Especially the last one! Pity you forgot your cameras...

There's nothing like a beady fix with a friend! Those little pink beads are very cool...and yeah, that color changing bead is pretty neat too!

Fun beads! I love the gold butterfly! I look forward to seeing what you do with it- I just bought some gold plated components, and need to start dreaming up color to go with them...you don't see people working with gold too much. Happy Beading, Patty!

Hi Patty, looks like you had a great day out with a friend, it always good when MOM'S
make time for themselves & i think a wonderful MOM like you couldn't be more deserving! & your big stash is on the way!
take care & have a wonderful day ttfn Lana :)

These are wonderful!! I especially love the clear ones...what a lovely design :)

Purple does seem to be the color choice for July:-) You sure took home a wonderful selection of beads. I really like the color changing bead! Very pretty design


Love your stash it is amazing and you really know how to set up a photo shoot. Looks so pretty and very professional.

Is your youngest son's color changing bead a Mood Bead that changes colors according to one's moods (which are affected by body temperatures) or does it change in different lighting (sunlight, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights) ? Either way I have no idea how they do it.

I'm jealous of that color changing bead too! I love it! Glad you were able to go beading, the beads are all fabulous!

Oh those are SOOOO my color!

Love the purple color scheme! Especially the purple beads in the second photo - beautiful!!


Yep I am jealous! Shopping with a beady friend...Awesome!

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