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I'm always trying to figure out ways of recycling old envelopes and boxes...this is awesome! I love mail art, but never think to create it :)

What do I reuse? Plastic take out containers. They make awesome paint palettes!

How creative!! It would be such a lovely parcel surprise! xx

Hi Patty, i agree there is nothing more fun than opening an order and having it look like a gift wrapped present(mayb there is a few other things more fum LOL :P) that little bit of extra care means all the difference. I am thinking of a special way to wrap up all the goodies in the giveaway take care and thanks for sharing your craftiness as always ttfn Lana:)

I LOVED getting the envelopes from you!! I'm going to start doing this if I ever get an order, lol!!!

This is such a neat idea! It looks so pretty, and you make it look so easy! I always concentrate on my package inside the bubble mailer, it never occurred to me to decorate the outside.

What a fantastic idea. I love to see things reused rather than going into the waste stream. Even if you recycle, I think it's better to reuse as a first resort. I'll definitely be looking at this as an alternative to recycling the paper part of my envelopes and salvaging the bubble part. Looks like a lot more fun too. Thanks for sharing this idea!

Way cool Patty...your packaging rocks!!

I reuse fabrics all the time...thrift store finds, and old piece of clothing that doesn't fit or is out of style...it's fun and it makes you really use your creative side!!

I never want to go out with my dress unzipped! Thanks for sharing this lovely idea... I save boxes like crazy to reuse, and this will make them look so much better!

Once again, you show us how brilliant you are! "Try not to turn to salt" --- hahaha! That made me smile so much.

The result is absolutely lovely. ^__^ Can't believe you made it so beautiful in just five minutes! Very inspiring. :D

LOVE your upcycling! I receive so few packages, I don't really get the chance to do this, but I love that you do :)

Love what you did to a rather dull and unattractive bubble envelope. I can bet that whoever recieves one of these works of art will be tickled pink and will take great care in opening it. :)

You are always up Market on a new idea and thats what I love about your Blog. And of course your nutty too lol! jk NOT! xx
Looks like Im able to post here again big Yey!

Your paper blog posts are so lovely :)

What lovely clever ideas. I do have a thing for paper too!

I collect different types because I use it in my art work too, as well as decorating cards :)

I LOVE the idea of decorating envelopes. I do recycling a lot of them but I'm the boring one who just puts a white sheet of paper over the ripped bits but I do add stickers, I guess until recently the P.O. used to get cranky even with coloured envelopes, I need to get into the 21st century and use my creativity to personalise envelope. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer, cheers, T. :)

Awesome idea! There are so many things that I would like to reuse and when I don't have an idea I just keep them for a better moment. I will definitely try to be more creative with envelopes next time!

Totally reuse my envelopes too. And yes I agree, it is very lovely to receive an artsy envelope in the mail. Wish bills came hand painted!

I was wondering how to reuse them. Awesome!

I love the way you upcycled your envelope! It's so much fun getting something you ordered that's packaged like a gift. Your mail art is great. I'm inspired to do a better job on mine.

What a lovey way to make someone feel special. I draw on the envelopes I send but this looks much more cohesive. I especially like how you put it; "you don't want to look like an unzipped dress." Thanks for the wonderful reminder! Have a lovely day!

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